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A true story based on the lives of two people whose love, faith, and will to survive transcended one of the darkest periods in human history…the Holocaust.

Atlanta, Georgia, January 20, 2022 – Author, Michael Ruskin has created quite a stir on social media from his new book, “The Vow: A Love Story and the Holocaust”. As the son and last surviving member of his family, Mr. Ruskin’s book is based on the lives of his late parents, David and Dora Ruskin, who were Holocaust Survivors in Lithuania from 1941-1945. Beginning from the couples’ early childhood in the 1930’s, the book depicts their special bond amidst the death and destruction of the Holocaust, and their lives after liberation and arrival to America.

Being forced into a Lithuanian ghetto early in their marriage, they were separated by German soldiers and herded onto awaiting cattle cars, bound for Hitler’s death camps. In their last moments together, they vowed to return to each other as soon as the war was over, meeting where they first met, five years earlier. David ended up in the infamous Dachau Concentration Camp, while Dora and her sister entered the Stutthof Concentration Camp in Northern Poland.  They went through unimaginable brutality and abuse under horrific living conditions for nearly a year.

After David was liberated by American troops in May 1945, he spent weeks in recovery before starting his “mission” to find his beloved wife, not knowing if she was dead or alive. Searching through the rugged and treacherous terrain of central Europe, his only thought was to find her as he vowed he would do.

Mr. Ruskin explains, “My intention of writing the book was to keep their legacy alive and to contrast their remarkable journey against the backdrop of one of the darkest periods in human history. He goes on to say, “The book is more than writing about the unimaginable horrors my parents went through, it is also a tribute to their love, faith and courage and will to survive. Their relationship exemplifies the strength of the human spirit, which is in all of us. A poignant message they wanted to leave for humanity, but never did. Now, this book will be their “voice.”

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