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To succeed in today’s highly competitive business world, what is needed are the best Search Consultants armed with the best weapons to find the best talent. Job boards and social networking may find people to interview, but SearchPath® finds the RIGHT people to hire. 

Cleveland, Ohio, February 1, 2022 – Despite troubled areas of the economy, Staffing continues to be a driving force in the recovery. In fact, US staffing revenue will grow by 16% this year to a record total of $157.4 billion, according to the “US Staffing Industry Forecast: September 2021. This is up from 12% growth estimated in the April forecast.

Meanwhile, SearchPath® Global reported 122% Revenue Growth for the SearchPath® Global Network in 2021 over 2020. This, along with other growth factors makes it apparent why they are at the top of their industry. Consider this, the number of SearchPath® Global offices grew 32%, while existing SearchPath® Global Network Offices active in the business for all of 2020 and 2021 had revenue increase of 80%.

The team at SearchPath® Global is very pleased with their above industry growth all the way around. The reason existing offices grew 80% is due to their best-in-class training and development as well as their Accelerator Group and One-On-One Coaching programs. They will continue to bring world class talent to their Franchise organization, like Terry McNabb and Mark Gillispie – who are well-known, long-term industry success coaches.

SearchPath® Global is most sought after for:

  • Executive Search: Top quality talent is not out looking for a job on the internet, they are working for someone else. At SearchPath® they take the best of today’s technology and marry it to the old school recruiting practices of actually talking to candidates who have the skills needed.
  • Interim Executive Placement: There are times when filling a short-term gap is needed, which is where Interim Executive Placement can help. A small firm needed a controller, but after discussing their needs with a SearchPath® Consultant what they really needed FIRST was a short-term CFO to establish policies and procedures. The SearchPath® Team got them the right talent for the short-term project and then later found them the controller.
  • Executive RPO: Some of their clients are Private Equity firms who have an ongoing need to find executive level talent for their portfolio companies. SearchPath® Global also has clients who are expanding their businesses where they need leadership around the global. SearchPath’s Search Consultants create solutions that are geared to long term relationships.
  • Contract or Project Placement: Launching a new market or product can take key people out of their core duties, or it could require finding a subject matter expert who knows the market. Integrating a new technology platform can require experts who do not need to be part of the permanent team.
  • Business Process Outsourcing: Maybe it is time to look outside for a partner to take on the company’s talent acquisition needs.
  • Business Intelligence: There are times when a company does not need to hire a person, but instead needs to get targeted insights into a marketplace, or the performance analytics of their employees. As Industry Experts, SearchPath® Consultants are in tune with current issues and trends in their markets which enables them to help their clients achieve all talent goals.

During a recent press event, Jon Bartos, President of SearchPath® Global made these comments, “With a focus on bringing the best talent on board to the organization in combination with the high demand for talent, with 5 million more jobs than people and the unemployment rate below 3%, we see no reason why this record setting growth can’t continue. I would like to point out that US Staffing growth in 2021 hit record levels at 16% while SearchPath Global is at 122%.”

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