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Ft. Worth, TX – Feb 2nd 2022, This Friday, Feb 4th at 6:30 PM, supporters of Raven Harrison for Congress in District 26 will gather at the Texas Motor Speedway to witness Dr. Ron Archer share his testimony and his views regarding Raven’s historically and culturally profound race to the runoff, and how it will uplift conservatives and the future of the Republican Party.

Dr. Ron Archer is a survivor of an attempted back-alley abortion, attempted suicide and more. He is best known for his ministry outreach to youth, his work as a bestselling author, and for hosting ‘Ask the Pastor,’ his program on the TCT network.

Raven Harrison has made waves as a challenger to 18-year incumbent Michael Burgess, who has ired conservatives by supporting HR550, a bill which upheld vaccine mandates and has been called a ‘vaccine status database’ bill by grassroots which oppose him.

Raven stands out in the race as the only Native-American, black, conservative female candidate, and proudly proclaims these qualities which once “held her back” are now the keys to her success in battling the left while empowering conservatives in the current political climate.

“We know that the left reduces every fight to one of three issues – Race, class, or gender.  I would love for Biden or AOC to stare me in the face and tell me that Republicans are just a bunch of old, white, racist men.  They won’t get to use their tactics on me.”

Raven met Dr. Archer at a Republican event in Wise County, which is newly added to District-26 due to redistricting. Dr. Archer commented “I was so inspired by Raven that I cleared out my schedule, and canceled events to be here for this life changing, career changing, nation changing event. I truly believe spiritually, practically, politically, she’s an Esther; for such a time as this. She was born to change the head, hearts, hands, and habit of humanity and will be a transformational agent of change; not a victim of change. If you want to see greatness on display and transformation executed with class and dignity, come support the same person I do, and Unleash The Raven.”

The event will include a chef’s steak dinner, a silent auction which includes signed sports memorabilia donated to the campaign by numerous supporters, and a raffle. This spectacular event will also include endorsement announcements from several key figures, such as author and radio host Wayne Allyn Root of Las Vegas, well known for his support of President Trump and other anti-establishment candidates.

Tickets are available at the door as well as on Eventbrite. Questions can be directed to Campaign Manager Lauren Castro via email at Info@RavenHarrison.com or by phone at 972.645.9688.

Learn more about Raven Harrison by visiting her official website at https://ravenharrison.com.


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