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One of the most romantic anticipated gifts are Roses. Preserved Roses by Pearl de Flore are the gift that keeps on giving well beyond the life cycle of store-bought Roses. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 8, 2022, Roses have always been seen as a symbol of love and affection. Any day becomes a special day when a loved one receives a bouquet of Roses. Too bad that they cannot last more than about a week. All that is changed with the introduction of Preserved Roses by Pearl de Flore. Imagine the beauty of perfect Roses as they become everlasting.

Only the highest quality roses are used after they have been carefully grown by professional florists. At their peak bloom, a selected few are hand-picked for their beauty to be preserved by a secret method to extend their life without watering.

Often referred to as “forever flowers”, a box of preserved roses makes an extraordinary gift all by themselves. Pearl de Flore makes it easy to take them to the next level by their available additions.

Their supplemental gift options are carefully selected and are of the highest quality:

  • Plush Characters: Including animals, symbols, and objects to fit a variety of occasions.
  • Confections: Artisan treats like chocolates, macaroons and easily stored sweets.
  • Skincare: Luxury skin products to enhance beauty and delay aging.
  • Fragrances: Brand name scent for that special someone.
  • Scented Candles: Popular scents in stylish jars and tins for any living space.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments, “Love can be confusing, but showing it shouldn’t be. Pearl De Flore was made with Cupid in mind. If it were possible to craft the God of Love’s bow and arrow into a gift, we would have already done it. We are proud to say we tried to come close. The craftsmanship of luxury, bundled into a bouquet of affection and endless care.”

She goes on to say, “From the gentle caress of a skincare line made with the same flowers that will take your lover’s breath away – to the fragrances and scented candles that are sure to brighten their day. Whichever combination of gems from Pearl De Flore you choose to share your love with, we guarantee that we will provide the highest quality. Because we strive to give the heart what it wants and indulge its greatest desires.”

For complete information, visit: https://www.pearldeflore.com/

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