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New York, New York, February 9, 2022, RubyLaw, the company behind the eponymous leading Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, is poised to release the newest version of its award-winning software, RubyLaw 22. The launch happens as the company celebrates its 20th anniversary in February, with the actual release occurring on 2/22/22.

This latest version significantly expands the platform’s capabilities, giving marketers and business developers the power to manage large amounts of content more efficiently and collaboratively than ever before. This includes new and enhanced features, such as the ability to manage complex content draft, review, and locking workflows, and the ability to make content changes en masse via spreadsheets. Significant security updates, including the RubyShield Security Dashboard and overall improvements to speed and performance, are also provided.

Users will also gain access to a la carte features, including the RubyLaw Super Template, a flexible tool for spinning up new pages for emerging themes or topics; Desktop Notifications, an alternate communication channel for keeping stakeholders informed and engaged; the secure Client Information Hub, a portal for content sharing on a 1:1 or 1:many basis; and other business development and personalization tools.

Most unique, though, is the shift to a continuous release-continuous upgrade model. This change will ensure that all law firm clients have access to the latest version of RubyLaw, including the newest, most cutting-edge features.

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our 20th anniversary than to release the most forward-looking edition of RubyLaw,” said Jaron Rubenstein, CEO of RubyLaw. “While this milestone is a testament to two decades of technology innovation, we’re even more excited to look ahead to how we can continue to provide all law firms with the tools they need for Content Lifecycle Management and amplify the efforts of their marketers and business developers to drive business for their firms.”

About RubyLaw:

RubyLaw is a Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform that powers websites, manages experience data, curates and automates marketing documents in native formats, and ensures the integrity of digital content for law firms at all levels of technological maturity.

They are reinventing how law firms engage with clients and prospects by providing a more personalized, data-driven, relevant, and holistic content experience. This is why more Am Law 200 firms are switching to RubyLaw than ever before, with smaller, growth-minded firms opting for RubyLaw’s leaner, cost-effective, all-inclusive marketing technology solution, RubyLaw Express.

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