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An eSIM eliminates the hassle of attaining and swapping SIM cards for various locations. Gone are the days of leaving the airport and heading straight to the first cell phone provider to grab a new card – it is already integrated into one’s device. 

Toronto, Canada, February 18, 2022,  KnowRoaming sent shockwaves throughout the cellphone industry with the release of their next generation eSIM. With eSIM technology, travelers can navigate new locations and stay connected with friends without being tethered to Wi-Fi or charged hefty roaming fees.

Think of an eSIM as an embedded SIM, a small chip in the phone that lets users connect to different networks and profiles on demand. It works by scanning a QR code from a data or service provider such as KnowRoaming.

eSIM Benefits:

  • Access multiple networks without a physical SIM card.
  • Switch between a home carrier while using other local networks on-the-go.
  • Use different carriers for voice and data.
  • Activate the data needed and keep costs under control.

The KnowRoaming eSIM offers data services. In eSIM enabled phones, users can use voice and SMS from their home carrier while using unthrottled affordable data with their KnowRoaming eSIM. The KnowRoaming eSIM is supported in all unlocked eSIM compatible devices.

Apple is rumored to be releasing an eSIM only phone. The number of iPhones in the USA is enormous. This does not consider iPads and other eSIM enabled devices growing in adoption. As for locked phones, many devices would be eligible to be unlocked, and all devices purchased, financed from Apple are shipped unlocked, this includes the low-end devices like the SE.

Most people don’t know that every device from the iPhone XS and XR as well as IPads can install a digital SIM card and make their device a dual sim, dual active device. It’s an incredible feature that makes staying connected simple. Never try find a pin to take With a digital SIM card you can simply scan a QR code and download a SIM card that can be used right away. KnowRoaming is pioneering this disruptive technology of the SIM card again, never lose a SIM card.

For complete information, visit: https://knowroaming.com/

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