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AES Apes are Aesthetically Enhanced Superior Apes, taking the Ape world to a whole new design level. A unique token and access to the AES School, a super powered community where one can earn, network, promote and create with other Aesthetically motivated people. 

London, United Kingdom, February 26, 2022, The NFT World stood-up and took notice when word got out about the AES Aesthetically Enhanced Superior Apes NFT Collection. Set to launch their Private Mint on March 1st, this collection of NFT’s offers so much more than just a collectable NFT.

Happening now, AES is giving away a series of Apes to people who complete certain tasks all set within the Discord as well as letting people apply for the Private Mint List to be one of the 1043 people on the private pre-release to get in first to the token and community. Mark the calendar, open access begins on the 8th of March. There will only be 10,435 Apes when they swing into the world, no more will ever be created.

During a recent interview, an AES spokesperson explained, “AES Apes are a completely new species of Ape, Aesthetically Enhanced Superior Apes. Born from the combination of an all-new algorithm and totally redrawn and redesigned DNA. These Great Apes are: – 4X larger than anything that has gone before, truly great Apes. – Fur matched and color enhanced. No more clashes, all upgraded and designed around the most beautiful colors the world has to offer. Enhanced trait DNA. All trait errors fixed, new traits added and other traits remixed. A totally unique strain.”

The Token:

  • Full access to the AES School. Deep in the Jungle, built and run by Edvin and Pablo, anyone who enrolls gets access to unique benefits and connections to other Aesthetically minded individuals.
  • A unique community of design driven Ape partners who appreciate the design side of life.
  • The opportunity to earn from one’s Ape and the community as they build out unique financial models and partnerships to drive real ETH value.
  • Unique remix opportunities for their Apes to spawn new lines and increase the value of their collection.
  • Complete ownership of a 4X resolution Ape that now has more uses in the real and digital world.
  • Marketing support post mint to grow the value of the entire collection.
  • Unique partnerships in the works to connect owner’s Apes with brands, celebs, influencers and so much more.
  • Unique access to the first drops from the NiFTly network, from other tokens to chain games and more.

The AES Team/Network:

A global collective of designers, developers and creative minds working together to build collections that drive and push the NFT world forward. This group contains successful founders, global marketing leaders and people with partnerships black books that can drive this community to a whole new level. The NiFTly team is growing and currently recruiting people looking to really push things forward. 

The Background Story:

In a jungle, far, far away, in between glitching photocopiers and rainbow pooping cats, apes would gather to share stories of their own imperfections. From fur clashes to ill-fitting hats to not being apey enough to deserve the honorable title of being the Metajungle’s poster boy, there was much to pick on and with no licey reward.

Drops and drops went by, and more and more Apes joined in on this primate insecurity therapy. Until Edvin and Pablo – a couple of jpeg lovers in tank tops – swung in on a USB cord, exposing their ape-level man fur and garnering the respect of the chatty apes. After a “Sup” greeting and armed only with a pen, an iPad, and a dream to evolve apes faster than Homo can get Erectus, Edvin and Pablo became the therapists and Photoshoppers these apes never knew they needed.

The bromance was quickly formed over vulnerability, banana milk smoothies and a love for Britney Spears’ ‘Mood Ring’ – The Ape Drum Remix. They listened, danced, drew, and coded their way to their own big bang moment. Unsure if it was the bass dropping or the penny, or maybe the banana leaves they smoked, either way, a new species was born – the AES Ape – or Aesthetically Enhanced Superior Apes to Boomers, and those without ADD.

Born from a CBT therapy session, binaural Britney beats, and a combination of an all-new algorithm that has totally redrawn and redesigned their ape DNA, these Great Apes are anything but boring.

  • The biggest, baldest apes – in fact, 4x larger than any ape before it.
  • Color enhanced, coordinated, and designed around the most beautiful color spectrum any color wheel under the influence can spin.
  • Enhanced trait DNA, with zero errors and bonus and remixed traits. A totally unique Megamix strain that not even Faucci could build in a lab.

The School for Aesthetically Enhanced Superior Apes That Can Read Good:

After marinating in tanning oil and triumph on their day in the sun, Edvin and Pablo decided they wanted more. They put down their Coladas and began building a place for the apes to learn and evolve and understand how to use their aesthetically pleasing superpowers without needing to pick up a hammer or a red tranformery helmet.

A place where they could connect to real-world humans who would look after them and help Edvin and Pablo get high on ETH in perpetuity. The School for Aesthetically Enhanced Superior Apes doors open on the 1st of March. There, Apes, and their human partners will get access to a community unlike anything the Metaplanet has ever seen before.

For complete information, visit: https://aesapes.com/

Media Contact:

AES Apes
Attn: Edvin Ape
London, UK