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Award-winning art studio coming to Yucaipa/Redlands that combines Art with Technology.

 San Francisco, CA – March 3rd 2022 – iPads in an Art Studio are bound to bring about an exceptional experience. The franchise owner of the upcoming Creatif location in Yucaipa/Redlands area of Southern California understands this uniqueness. It is this distinctive aspect that makes Creatif such an exciting and refreshing concept. Creatif’s award winning and innovative environment will serve the local area of Yucaipa/Redlands through walk-in painting session, art parties, workshops, classes, summer camps and other creative activities. Creatif is a new way to experience art for kids and adults.

The Yucaipa/Redlands franchise location will be operated by local resident, Andrea Siegner. Andrea brings over many years of project engineering experience and her love for kids and art.

“I found Creatif franchise as I was looking for a business I could thrive at, while enjoying the time spent with my family” says Andrea. “After speaking with Jaya and seeing the concept she has built, I wanted to become a part of that dream.”

Creatif offers a one-of-a-kind art experience through a huge variety of painting surface selections and fun activities for all ages. A STEM + Art = STEAM focused summer camp curriculum helps campers develop creative problem solving, leadership skills, critical thinking, inventiveness, cultural awareness, social and emotional intelligence.

San Bernardino County children ages 2 & up and adults can look forward to visiting the new Creatif location soon to experience art in an entertaining, educating, and inspiring environment where ‘You are the Artiste’®. Everything about Creatif is built around fun, which is one of the brand’s core values. All Creatif locations strive to provide the most memorable and the highest quality of service to each customer, making them come back again and again.

Andrea’s meeting with Creatif’s founder Jaya Aiyar helped her visualize the great opportunity that this brand and experience offers her, which she can share with her family, friends, and the community. “My community is largely populated, and I would love to see more everyday entertainment/activities/experiences. Instead of just hoping for more, I thought maybe I can help make this dream a reality, with the shoulder of Creatif to lean on. The Community I grew up in, and live in today, has been growing since I can remember and long before that; to be a part of it now with the Creatif business is quite an achievement in my mind.”

Creatif’s unique ArtPad video tutorials combined with the variety of options and activities, makes it the coolest art studio concept. The full-service art birthday parties with thought through additions to personalize a special event, make each Creatif party unique and exceptional. At a Creatif painting workshop, kids and adults participate in an instructor-based live painting lesson, unlike the adult-only paint and sip concepts. A true family friendly business is what Creatif is bringing to all communities.

In Andrea’s words – “I truly believe Creatif is what every town/city needs. A warm place that is inviting to all ages and allows people to accentuate their creative abilities.”

About Creatif:

Creatif is a unique art studio brand that is positioned for growth. It leverages the demand for appealing, engaging art activities, all within the immense family entertainment and children’s activity industry. With multiple revenue streams such as Walk-In/DiY Painting Sessions, Private Paint Parties, Art Classes, Painting Workshops, Camps, Corporate events and more, Creatif has created a robust business model. The award-winning studio design, modern interiors, proprietary technology, and great customer service creates an unmatched, vibrant, and playful atmosphere that encourages imagination and creativity for kids and adults.

For more information about the Creatif Franchise Program, visit: https://creatif-franchise.com.

Check-out the Creatif website by clicking here.


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