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Ukrainians and Ukrainian refugees seeing medical treatment in host countries might not have access to Ukraine digital record management system due to disruptions to their digital infrastructure caused by the invasion. 

Newark, California, March 5, 2022, As the entire world watches the destruction of Ukraine, an important aspect of this damage is the destruction of medical records management systems. Not many people were able to even locate their medical records as they fled the cities fearing for their very lives.

As Hospitals are being bombed, forcing patients into basements, there is no way of knowing if any backups of their computer systems were saved and where they may be. If they were backed-up on the Cloud, there may be hope.

Meanwhile, Zain Zaidi and his firm TransCrypts is offering a perfect solution for this problem. By storing medical records on their blockchain decentrally, the records will be accessible from anywhere and will not be affected by ongoing conflict in Ukraine, thus allowing Ukrainians the ability to access high quality care anywhere in the world.

This is quite a significant development in the medical records storage sector that will benefit people of all nations. Ukrainian refugees now find themselves in Poland, Greece, Romania, and many other countries. Medical emergencies can happen at any time and the need for access to a person’s medical records are of paramount importance.

Fortunately, TransCrypts has perfected the process of storing not only medical records, but also employment records on the blockchain. By using the Blockchain, which is a decentralized ledger that cannot be altered. All the while, maintaining industry leading privacy and security.

TransCrypts is offering this service for free to all Ukrainians and Ukrainian Institutions. Their Team is also actively working with hospital and healthcare providers around the country to implement this system so that healthcare records can be accessed anywhere, even by Ukrainians seeking treatment in Ukraine. Full launch of their platform in Ukraine is pending government regulatory approval.

Ali Zaheer, Chief Technology Officer, said, “These records can be accessed from any mobile device or computer, with or without an internet connection, by the patient, and can be easily shared with the medical care professional and verified instantaneously. It is all because these documents are stored decentrally that they meet the highest security and privacy standards for medical document storage.”

The Security Engineer for the company explains, “TransCrypts utilizes IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) Technology, which geo-decentralizes user’s data, making it extremely hard for sensitive data to be hacked or leaked. The IPFS technology works by breaking a single file/document into many hundreds of parts, these parts are scattered in many different geographical locations over the Cloud in the form of encrypted Hashcodes.”

He goes on to say, “A bad actor (Hacker) would have to guess where each part of a file is located throughout the world, which of the Hashcodes represent parts of a file, and then would need to hack into each of hundreds of separate Hashcodes just to gain access to a single file. Thereby minimizing the risk of hacking and exposure vs. storing it in a single location, as many competitors do.”

For complete information, visit: https://www.transcrypts.com/

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