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SmartScout is the only tool on the planet that shows the top performers in any niche so users can know what’s selling and how to make their products perform even better. 

Logan, Utah, March 20, 2022, There are thousands of Amazon Private Sellers attempting to strike it rich on the Amazon platform. Most of those folks do not, yet some people are extremely successful. What is it that separates the two? Imagine if it was possible to plug into the platform and have the ability to analyze and then duplicate what works.

SmartScout is a game-changing SaaS Tool that goes where no other software application has been able to penetrate. It was created by one of the most successful Amazon private label sellers of all time. Scott Needham founded BuyBoxer in 2011 and has become one of the highest reviewed sellers on Amazon. His company, BuyBoxer is selling over 300k ASINs through the FBA process. One of the secrets was this very tool to help him find diamonds in the rough. SmartScout has allowed him to have a bird’s eye view of the workings of Amazon.

In private label selling, those that do their homework sell more. They know who’s dominating a niche, what keywords got them there, and where the opportunities for launching a new product are. The trouble is that getting this information takes a long time. SmartScout is the only solution that makes it a lot faster. With it, users can get unparalleled information about their competition on Amazon, and in minutes.

Subcategories are the game-changer for private label sellers. SmartScout is the only tool that enables sellers to focus their product research on any Amazon subcategory:

  • Get Crucial Subcategory Data: Understand the potential of a subcategory by knowing its revenue and seller analytics.
  • Know Amazon’s Involvement: At a glance, see Amazon’s revenue share percentage of any subcategory.
  • Traverse Amazon Easily: Explore Amazon’s 40,000+ subcategories effortlessly with our unique category directory structure.
  • Jump Into Product Research: Go straight to a product database of any subcategory with a single click.
  • Isolate Private Label Sellers: Target direct private-label competitors. See virtually all the products sold by private label sellers in any given subcategory with the Number of Sellers filter.
  • Find The Top Performers: With the Monthly Revenue Estimate filter, users can home in on the products bringing in the most revenue and investigate the competitors users need to beat.
  • Know A Product’s Page Quality: See at a glance how well (or poorly) an Amazon product page is built out. SmartScout analyzes the content of product pages and puts the score right in the product database.
  • Link Directly To Amazon: Continue deep research on potential products right in Amazon. In SmartScout, the ASIN field links to the product page so users can get to where they need to go on Amazon instantly.

Once a user finds their target products in the database, SmartScout allows them to export their report into Excel for an easy handoff to research assistants. It is easy to see why SmartScout has sent shockwaves throughout the Amazon selling sector.

There are many other confidential features that make SmartScout truly unique but cannot be displayed here. Stop by their website and be amazed.

For complete information, visit: https://www.smartscout.com/

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