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This terrific tale is all about teaching children the importance of serving and protecting others in their community. The author believes that it is essential for children to learn these skills at a young age, and this adventure provides a fun and creative way for them to do so. 

Fayetteville, Arkansas, March 26, 2022, Every year there are thousands of books for children published. Once in a while, a children’s book is published that can really make a difference in a child’s life. It takes a combination of colorful and relevant graphics as well as an intriguing story line to be such a stand-out book.

The new book by Phoebe London is just such a children’s book. Sam and Uncle Joe: Learning to Serve and Protect addresses subject matter that is seldom seen in a book meant for children. Her masterful presentation is what makes all the difference in the world. Parents who have had their kids read this book have nothing but accolades for it.

A great community-building read-aloud for family or classroom learning. Uncle Joe can be a role model for children and positive inspiration for building a safe and supportive future. Sam and Uncle Joe has the power to inspire children with a role model that serves the community. Children are now exposed to violence and conflicts more than ever before, which is obviously alarming for parents and caregivers.

How can parents counter this harmful exposure and raise children who are socially responsible and ready to serve the country? The answer is by exposing kids to a book like this one in order to:

  • Teach children in a holistic way in order to promote their intellectual, physical, and emotional growth.
  • Foster positive feelings of confidence, compassion, self-love, and love for others, as well as self and societal awareness, amongst children.
  • Develop their leadership and community service skills.
  • Help them build meaningful relationships and encourage them to have healthy interactions with others.
  • Equip them with the knowledge, tools, and skills that they need to become a fruitful member of the society.
  • Promote the idea of giving back to the society.
  • Teach kids how to work as part of a team to help them hone many vital social skills, such as patience, empathy, communication, respect for others, compromise, and tolerance.
  • Enable them to build confidence within themselves and build trustworthy relationships.

The book’s main character is Uncle Joe – a passionate Retired Lt Col United States Army veteran who teaches children the importance of safety and protection. Uncle Joe is the ideal role model and leader for every child to follow. Rather than teaching theoretical concepts, Uncle Joe helps a victim of gun violence to demonstrate to kids how to work together to help others in society find healing.

This community-building, read-aloud book for the family or classroom features and highlights Uncle Joe’s role in showing children how they can work together to bring a change in their communities and impact the world.

About the Author:

Phoebe London is a native of Arkansas. She considers herself an “organic servant”, who fights to make the world more equitable. Her passion for investing in others is rooted in her belief that “Service is the rent we pay for our room on earth”- Shirley Chisholm.

For complete information, visit: https://unclejoeserveandprotect.com/sam-and-uncle-jose-learning-to-serve-and-protect/

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