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Uniquely extremely individualized admitting only 8 patients at a time. This is the formula for the greatest outcomes. 

Indianapolis, Indiana, March 30, 2022, Most alcohol, and drug addicts know they need help. But they are terrified to go into another recovery program and subject themselves to a nightmare. Well. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a nightmare to gain recovery. Thanks to Addiction Rehab Centers, their methodology works in that they are providing everything needed to affect recovery, but more so, the patients know they care. This is very important.

Their treatment approach is based on love, compassion and understanding rather than lack of acceptance and tough love. Tough love, a technique used by many addiction rehab treatment centers may appear to be useful initially but can be more harmful in the long run leading the patient to a dangerous relapse later on. On the other hand, understanding and compassion can help the patient develop a will to recover and a sense of self-love thus ensuring an outpatient rehab Indianapolis that can last a lifetime.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made the comments, “Addiction Rehab Centers offers a unique approach to  addiction treatment by combining attachment theory with the initial 12-Step process at our private drug & alcohol addiction rehab Indianapolis centers. Our team is like a family, and we take the time to get to know each patient’s needs, focusing on why they’re struggling with addiction.”

He goes on to say, “In many cases, individuals use drugs to escape the memories of a painful experience such as emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, abandonment, co-dependency etc. making it impossible to effectively treat addictive behaviors without treating the underlying causes. A personal and group follow-up care, our evidence-based addiction treatment programs are provided by a multidisciplinary team of experts who deliver compassionate, personalized treatment to patients and their families.”

Some of their therapeutic options include:

  • 12 Step Therapy
  • Biofeedback Therapy
  • Eating Disorder Therapy
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Holistic Therapy
  • Sexual Abuse and Trauma Therapy

Addiction Rehab Centers is about to launch a series of informative articles that will help many people on their journey to recovery. Their new luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center will be opening in 2022, in Mooresville, Indiana, on 15 acres with a swimming pool and tennis court.  A completely renovated mansion.

For additional information, visit:  https://www.addictionrehabcenters.com/