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While his peers sought to enjoy the pursuits of youth, Om (Omi) Patel was broadening his education and worldly talents with his future in mind. There is no stopping this man, as he always finishes what he begins. 

San Antonio, Texas, April 1, 2022, When Om (Omi) Patel, was born on October 11, 1999, in Baleshwar, Gujarat, India, his parents had a feeling that this child would be special. Although all parents think their child is special, Omi would mature into a young man that proved he was indeed a stand-out person.

In 2012, Om (Omi) Patel moved to the United States to attend school and live with his family. Early on he noticed his love for the art of acting, but unfortunately wasn’t able to pursue the craft any further as he attended middle school in the states. Being a shy introvert in a new country was hard enough. It wasn’t until he earned his Bachelor of Arts and Science degree at Rutgers University that he happened upon acting once again. Diving feet first into the business through classes, and being cast in the indie scene solidified his purpose for the art.

For the past year, he has been flipping NFTs, and it has been going great. Om (Omi) is focused on mastering all things crypto. Omi credits a large portion of his income to flipping NFTs and trading crypto. He had always desired to give back to his community and chooses not to reveal anything since he likes to remain anonymous. Follow Instagram (@omi.eth), Twitter (@Ceompatel), and Facebook (@ceompatel) for keeping up to date with his life-changing stories.

During a recent interview, Om (Omi) made these comments, “While I was growing up, I got a lot of criticism, which made me stronger and stronger. It made my goals even clearer. Every time I failed or something wrong happened, I kept that mistake in my mind and told myself every day so I don’t make that same mistake. I analyzed everything I did so I don’t make the same mistakes as my past. During my middle and high school times I was so shy because I was the new kid in the school. Still, as soon as I started college, I decided that I didn’t want to be that kid anymore, so I started taking acting classes in the summer so I could pursue my dream of becoming an actor. I still remember how nervous I was when I started my class as I was the only rookie in the class.”

He goes on to say, “After finishing my class, I booked my first gig as a reoccurring character on the Amazon Prime series Panic. My character’s name was Jose in the show. Unfortunately, the show didn’t do well, so they had to cancel it, but it is a very interesting show in my opinion. After doing the show, I have been just working on improving my skills and seeing the progress I have made within myself.”

One thing for sure, the world is a better place with people like Om (Omi) Patel in it.

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