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Alice Chiu of Miss Alice Designs creates spaces that are simple, clean, thoughtful, and serene with a modern touch. Whether a young family starting out, a tech executive, or empty nesters, Alice designs functional homes that nurture the soul. 

San Francisco, California, April 3, 2022, There are many full-service interior design firms, but what makes Miss Alice Designs different is that Alice designs functional homes that nurture the soul. Guided by the ethos of less is more, principal Alice Chiu creates spaces that are simple, clean, thoughtful, and serene with a modern touch. Since founding her firm, Miss Alice Designs, in 2014, Alice’s mission has been to improve the quality of her clients’ life through simplicity.

The Covid-19 Pandemic ushered in a major change in the way people think about their wants, needs, and lifestyle from daily behaviors and routines to long term planning and goals. People were forced to re-prioritize their life. The desire to simplify, turning complication into ease, and stress into calm was at the forefront of people’s minds. It’s about making the conscious choice to live an authentic, healthy, and simpler life with intention, starting with one’s home.

Simple does not have to mean “boring, dull, or plain.” It’s quite the opposite. Simple is beautiful, elegant, and timeless – rich in positive connotation. Miss Alice Designs helps people transform their home so they can live a better life which leads to true freedom.

Alice Chiu has perfected a formula for Interior Design success. Here is a look at her process:

  • Consultation: A complimentary 30-minute discovery call is scheduled. During the phone call, there is a discussion about the design project at a high-level and what the client is looking to accomplish. If it is a good fit, a 1-hour paid onsite design consultation is arranged to view and analyze the space, provide general design ideas, and further understand details of the project.
  • Proposal: If there is a mutual agreement to move forward after the onsite design consultation, a proposal will be sent for approval.
  • Letter of Agreement: Once the proposal is approved, a letter of agreement is drawn up requesting the client’s written consent with deposit received.
  • Measurement of Space and Photos: Alice will take detailed measurements of all the spaces involved in the project and take photos of each space. She compiles before & after photos so the client can see the amazing transformation of their newly designed space(s).
  • Space Planning: After all the measurements have been taken, Alice will create floor plans for each space. Multiple floor plan options will be provided to the client and Alice will review best choices. Floor Plans determine what items will best fit into the space, how it will be arranged, and the scale of each piece.
  • Design Concept: Once the plans have been decided upon, the design concept is created. This starts with developing a color scheme, sourcing materials, furnishings, accessories, fabrics, artwork, and more.
  • Purchasing: Alice will purchase all materials, furniture, and accessories on client’s behalf with a purchasing fee. Clients will always pay below retail price compared to buying materials on their own.
  • Installation: Alice coordinates any contract work that needs to be performed prior to materials being delivered and inspect quality of work by contractors. She supervises the delivery, inspection, and installation of materials, furniture, and accessories.
  • Styling: Final touches are added to give that “wow” effect when one walks into the space. It’s time to relax and enjoy this newly transformed room.

During a recent interview, Alice made these comments, “From early on, I was infatuated with the arts. I could not get enough of it in school. Yet despite these inklings, design wasn’t my first professional pursuit. In fact, I hold an engineering degree from UC Davis and arrived in interior design after working as an operations manager in Silicon Valley.”

She goes on to say, “Despite the success of my high-powered position, I didn’t feel fulfilled creatively, and decided to enroll in the San Francisco Academy of Art University while keeping my full-time job. After receiving my degree in Interior Architecture and Design, I pivoted to pursue interior design full-time in 2012, starting as a design assistant at a local prominent design firm.

I quickly realized that my technical training and skills were a perfect match to my new career. Things like budgeting and spatial design came naturally, so I could focus on the creative aspect of the job.”

Client testimonials always tell the story, take a look at what Merrick D. had to say, “Alice is a wonderful designer as you can see from looking at her website. What blew me away was her attention to detail. She really cares 120% to get things right. Not only is she hugely committed, but she is such a fair and honest person. I can thoroughly recommend Miss Alice Designs.”

For complete information, visit: https://www.missalicedesigns.com/

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