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Trauma is life changing. It happens to many people in a wide range of circumstances and in all walks of life. When it does occur, it doesn’t just go away, as many would believe. It may even feel like it lives in one’s life day to day. 

Indianapolis, Indiana, April 17, 2022, There are many causes of trauma, and its effects can often take some time to manifest. Many people turn to alcohol and/or drugs to deal with their feelings, which often are difficult to fully understand. It is important to understand that other people are going through the same situation, so that the feelings felt are in reality quite common. So don’t become discouraged, places like Addiction Rehab Centers are here in Indianapolis ready to help.

A trauma therapy program may benefit anyone that is facing a history of pain or emotional trauma, even though they may not talk about it openly. Sometimes people are unsure if they are experiencing trauma. Often, this stems from physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse. It may come from trauma experienced in a natural disaster, watching a loved one die, struggling after the death of a close loved one, or experiencing combat in war. Some signs that one may benefit from therapy may include:

  • Being unwilling or unable to talk about certain parts of one’s past.
  • Experiencing flashbacks to events that have happened.
  • Feeling unable to enjoy life because of the pain from something in one’s past.
  • Being unable to process what’s occurred and feeling stuck in life as a result.
  • Using drugs or alcohol as a way to manage that pain and discomfort.

For people finding themselves in these situations, seeking out help for trauma is critical. It is a misconception that time heals wounds. It will not improve on its own. Rather, the right kind of professional therapy can make all the difference in the world.

If trauma and sexual abuse are impacting one’s life, note that it is not one’s fault to feel this way. What is critical is the ability to recognize the importance of seeking help from qualified professionals. A person does not have to live that way, make the choice to seek help and that can be life changing.

The team at Addiction Rehab Centers understands the challenges people face as they begin the journey to recovery. They want to help them on that journey. To that end, they offer a wide range of therapeutic modalities that can help them to understand their trauma and addiction.

For instance, their therapeutic options include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Biofeedback therapy
  • Experiential therapy

Their treatment approach is based on love, compassion and understanding rather than lack of acceptance and tough love. Tough love, a technique used by many addiction rehab treatment centers may appear to be useful initially but can be more harmful in the long run leading the patient to a dangerous relapse later on. On the other hand, understanding and compassion can help the patient develop a will to recover and a sense of self-love thus ensuring an outpatient/inpatient addiction treatment, in Indianapolis, that can last a lifetime.

This is the second in a series of educational articles to be launched by Addiction Rehab Centers. In 2022 they will be opening a second facility, a new luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center, in Mooresville, Indiana.  The facility sits on 15 acres and is a completely renovated mansion. The addiction treatment center boasts a swimming pool, indoor sauna, tennis court and a multitude of other amenities.

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