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Reviewers hail as an excellent sci-fi trilogy. A beautiful epic to save the human race. Readers travel through galaxies, but also through history and religions. Each volume features characters that the reader empathizes with.  

Besançon, France, April 18, 2022, Each year, thousands of books are published in the sci-fi genre. Some go on to become best sellers while the rest may fade away into obscurity. The Planet Nine Trilogy by Sébastien Acacia is well on its way to becoming one of the most celebrated sci-fi trilogies in decades.

The author has proven himself to be a master wordsmith, as readers proclaim that the felt they were in a room with the author as they read his book. Readers become involved with the story and its characters. They say it is near impossible to put the book down once they began the read.

It is not surprising that the general public is in need of an effective way to escape the harsh realities present in the world of today. Reading is an excellent way to rise above what is portrayed in the news on a daily basis. The Planet Nine Trilogy will not disappoint sci-fi fans. Get ready to take a trip beyond time and space!

Volume 1 – The Signal: 

  • In the year 2020, a strange signal is received from space for several months. This signal seems to come from the ninth planet of Earth’s solar system, which has never been officially observed. The astrophysicist Professor Anthony Hallbrown, helped by the cryptography specialist, Yoko Kobayashi, will do everything to decipher the signal and confirm the existence of Planet Nine.
  • During their quest, they will face the rise of the Partisans sect, led by its charismatic leader Asarus Hicks. Initially funded in 1961, this sectarian group claims to be the legitimate servants of space travelers who, according to the theory of the Ancient Astronauts, had come to genetically create the human species hundreds of thousands of years before our era. The discovery of this signal and what it will be made of, will lead to major theological, scientific, and political changes in the world. But the meaning of the message Professors Hallbrown and Kobayashi are going to discover will change the fate of the human species forever.

Volume 2 – The Expedition: 

  • Ten years have passed since the signal coming from Planet Nine has been deciphered, bringing its share of sad revelations. Professor Hallbrown, helped by a highly selected international team, is getting ready to lead the craziest and most daring space expedition ever undertaken by humankind. He will have to deal with the undesirable, but necessary presence of his sworn enemy, Asarus Hicks. Current head of the Partisans, the world’s largest scientific-religious movement of the early twenty-first century, he is the only person carrying the genes that will make it possible to uncover all the secrets of Ancient Astronauts, the famous Anunnakis. While the crew of both human ships are irremediably venturing in the inhospitable depths of the solar system, a wind of revolt is rising on Earth.

Volume 3 – Exodus: 

  • Professor Hallbrown and his fellows manage to resurrect a millenary creature who is none other than the legendary goddess Isis. Trapped onboard the Exodus, they have no other choice but to forge an alliance with her to save humankind from extinction. Excluded from the equation, Asarus Hicks will do everything to pursue his destiny as the Partisans great master, even if the little humanity he has left is at stake.

Reader Testimonials always shed light on the story. Take a look at what Raphael Noel, a Verified Amazon Reader, has to say, “Masterful, Brilliant…I put 5 Stars and it is the minimum I could do, because it deserves much more. A fluid writing, a breathtaking story that transports you from beginning to end without you even realizing it! Endearing characters, twists, and what about this creativity! Anyway, I don’t want to say more, it’s your turn to let yourself be transported in this bewitching trilogy.”

The author wanted to introduce his Sci-Fi Trilogy by giving away Volume 1 at no charge. Volume 2 is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Book, and Kobo. Volume 3 is set for release on July 31, 2022. 

About The Author:

Sébastien Acacia holds degrees in fine arts from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Besançon, and in cultural anthropology from the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he is passionate about science, astrophysics, and the history of ancient civilizations and of religion.​

A reader of science-fiction from a young age, he is an unconditional fan of Isaac Asimov, but also of Orson Welles, or Kim Stanley Robinson, whose Martian Trilogy definitively encourages him on his path to writing.​

As his 2-and-a-half-year-old son is diagnosed with an orphan disease, he decides to devote his time to him, and to make his old dream of writing science-fiction novels a reality. He thus leaves behind him 20 years of entrepreneurship in Switzerland, France, and Brazil, and dedicates himself fully to writing. He is actually Director of Collection of the French publishing company Faralonn Editions.

Sébastien Acacia has been quite active in the literary world. His credits include:

  • 7 novels – 5 translated into English
  • 3 short novels, 2 translated into English
  • 1 won a prize in France
  • 5 comic books
  • 3 TV Series for channels in France and Switzerland

For complete information, visit: https://www.planetninetrilogy.com/
Follow on Twitter: @sacacia_auteur

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