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Schiffy starts the game at the edge of the crypto rich Dubai City. Schiffy runs on rooftops from one side of the city to the other, while passing the main attractions, all the while collecting $GOLD bars and avoiding bitcoins scattered everywhere between and in the way of his beloved $GOLD bars. 

Brisbane, Australia, April 19, 2022, Games hosted on the Blockchain have become very popular. They all make promises, but few deliver on what they offer to players. All that is changed with the launch of Get Shiffy, a play-to-earn game that touts the ability of players to earn in several ways. Their impending VIP PRE IDO will give regular people the chance to become one of the Whales during the set period the price will increase incentivizing the buyers to buy early and to act sooner rather than later.

This is a game for the people of the world, not just for the rich and famous. There are several levels of play that add excitement and the opportunity to win the game’s token – $GOLD. After all, Mr. Schiffy is on a quest for $GOLD, and hates Bitcoin.

The game is based on the famous narrative/ story line of a particular individual, Mr P. Schiff, the most popular gold buyer in the crypto world. He is famous for not investing in Bitcoin, but always preaching about gold being a better store of value, all the while Bitcoin went from $200 all the way up to $70,000. He has become infamous for this decision and this team has turned it into a game.

Level 1 of the game, Schiffy starts his journey at one side of Dubai city on the roof tops. As he runs across, from one side of Dubai to the other, he has to collect as many gold bars, $GOLD tokens, as he can. While collecting $GOLD, he potentially can run into Bitcoin. When he runs into $GOLD he is awarded points. If he runs into Bitcoin then he is deducted points.

At the end of the level, he has the opportunity to run through 3 doors. 1 door will double the $GOLD collected. The other 2 doors will take all the player’s $GOLD. From level 2 onwards Bitcoin Maxis will be there to barrage Schiffy with Bitcoin. This is just another obstacle on his way across the world collecting $GOLD.

The team at Get Shiffy has a clear Mission Statement:

  • To provide fun and easy to understand game/s that all walks of life can understand and enjoy.
  • To give the players the ability to earn money and play with friends or anyone around the world.
  • Implement real use case NFTs for their loyal community to obtain and create passive income.
  • Reward their loyal community with the “Mother” of all airdrops.
  • To give early believers the chance to become Whales at a low cost.
  • To give investors a reason to stay and hold $GOLD.
  • To be one of the biggest crypto gaming companies by 2025.

Early adopters will be in the best position to Get Shiffy.

For complete information, visit:  https://www.getschiffy.com/en

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