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 iHome has incorporated innovative technology into its robotic vacuum lineup with advanced features. 

New York, New York, May 3, 2022, iHome is pleased to present their 2022 Robotic Lineup. The new models include Eclipse, Luna, and Nova. Their new lineup includes innovative features, such as new navigational technologies and an advanced mopping system. iHome has now invested in multiple technologies for their 2022 line up.

iHome first launched its line of robotic vacuums in 2020, they experienced rapid growth and through 2021 have made a name for themselves in the space/category with their strong success.

The new 2022 lineup focuses on three product platforms in: Eclipse, Luna and Nova. All have ‘Pro’ versions which include an Auto Empty Base. Aptly named Eclipse Pro, Luna Pro, Nova Pro. Customers can purchase with or without the Pro version. All Pro models will include the Auto Empty Bases which will hold weeks of debris at a time as well as accessory storage in the rear of the base, newly designed.

These new models have the ability to both vacuum and mop. The new lineup has now been upgraded with PowerMop Scrub technology which uses vibration built into the mop tank to agitate the floor for superior mopping, giving floors a deeper clean.

In addition, this year’s lineup offers enhanced navigational technologies with each platform:  Eclipse – Gyro, Luna – Front Laser, Nova – 360-degree Lidar.

All models clean utilizing an efficient pattern and can be tracked via the App. In addition, Luna with front laser navigation and Nova with 360 top mounted laser navigation will have the ability to create virtual boundaries or “no-go” areas as well as rooms for a customized, clean, personalized space.

The refreshed and updated iHome Clean App enables all devices to be conveniently controlled from anywhere or with remote. iHome redesigned its iHome Clean App which Sets Rooms, Virtual Boundaries and can set schedules for a true hands-off experience.

iHome will be launching its new line of robot vacuums in Spring of 2022 and is excited to announce that they plan to be partnering with Walmart on many of their newly launched products to be sold both in store and on Walmart.com.

For complete information, visit: https://www.ihomeclean.com/autovac/robot-vacuums

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