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Top talent, lower currency rates and time zone proximity makes Latam the best option to fillthe needs for talent into the U.S. market. Alstra provides a strong network of over 80,000 pre-vetted workers across Latin America and hires on behalf of the hiring company, eliminating bureaucracy and ensuring rock solid Compliance with labor regulations in both the US and Latam countries. 

Deerfield Beach, Florida, May 4, 2022, Companies with savvy leadership know that labor rates in Latin America are much lower than in the United States. They also know that there is top talent in all technical fields eager to get on board. What has been a stalling point are the cumbersome tasks required to meet U.S. & Latam labor compliance requirements.

It has been a best kept secret that Alstra, a workforce solutions provider based right there in Latam, has been helping some very huge companies obtain top talent with better cost efficiency.

With a deep understanding of the Latam job market, and of the needs of international organizations looking to scale up, Alstra boasts a strong network of over 80,000 pre-vetted workers across Latin America. These workers are skilled in areas such as software development, cyber security, project management and consultancy in many different fields.

Latin America produces over 750.000 new IT graduates every year and the similar time zones and greater cultural similarity to the U.S. makes the regions a top choice for offshoring when compared to Asia or Eastern Europe. Alstra goes beyond borders to hire Talent for short or long-term contracts, remote or on-site.

Cai Igel, Founder and CEO of Alstra Technologies, says, “Following our initial success in providing skilled Latam talent to businesses in Florida and California in a bid to mitigate the impact of the global talent shortage, we’re thrilled to be able to expand business across the US. The US is a very vibrant yet also highly demanding region and following the challenges of the past few years it is clear that many are struggling to hire the right people, at the right time. Our mission is to help organizations think outside the box and show them that there’s incredible talent beyond their immediate talent pool.”

U.S. tech industry may face a shortage of at least 1.2 million tech workers by 2030, according to a report by Korn Ferry. Alstra has the solution – top talent, lower currency and time zone proximity makes Latam the best option by far.

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