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This Veteran Owned & Operated eCommerce site has started a movement to make Dads proud of the clothes they wear and not ashamed to show their love for their kids. 

Austin, Texas, May 12, 2022, It is a proven fact that kids with a strong bond with their parents do better in life. It is while they are young that the most important memories are made. A Father plays an important role whether their kids are boys or girls. Kids are instinctive and they know if they are being loved and appreciated.

Spending time with one’s kids is precious because they grow-up so quickly. There should be no such excuse as not having enough time for the kids. Don’t become a Dad who suddenly realizes that he lost the opportunity to be close with his kids while they were young and impressionable.

Remember, kids are the future of this great country. A Dad’s love is an investment in his kid’s future. Teach them to be strong and stand-up for themselves and let them know on a daily basis how much you care. When they go to sleep at night, they should have that feeling that everything is okay and Dad is there to protect them.

Buying a present is not the answer, but a way to sidestep the obligation to show them love. Father’s Day is coming and dopeanddedicated.com has apparel items to help spread the message.

During a recent interview, Demetrius Carter, Founder, made these comments, “Dope And Dedicated is an extremely dope brand for extremely dope dads. Our passion for fatherhood and fashion led us to create a movement that we as dads could call our own. Creating clothing that makes a statement, we seek to motivate and encourage fathers of all ages to be the best dads possible in all phases of their lives. We provide our customers with the highest quality of products that are guaranteed to meet their needs, keep them satisfied and make them feel like the dopest dads in the world.”

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