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“For those who hunger for the next steamy Adult Vampire Romance novel, this suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat thriller follows the story of Mimi Arch, a young heiress to a Kingdom she hadn’t known existed…until she meets Peitr.” 

Crestview, Florida, May 17, 2022, Out of the thousands of books published every year, only a handful have the ability to impact the reader in a profound way. When a reader is on the edge of their seat with anticipation of what may happen in the storyline, and cannot put the book down, that is a profound experience.

Stories about Vampires have been around for centuries, yet they still offer an intriguing glimpse into what may or may not be possible. Samantha Johnson, a celebrated author, has captured the essence of the Vampire phenomena with the first book in her upcoming Unholy Inheritance Series, destined to become a Best-Selling Vampire Romance Novel. Her approach includes romance, suspense, as well as some horror thrown in.

The main character, Mimi Arch, is a young heiress to a Kingdom she hadn’t known existed. That is, not until she meets Peitr Boucher— A dark, broody, mysterious, and sexy, but foolhardy Vampire with a sordid, crimson-coated past. Peitr is one of the earliest and most seductive predators amongst mankind itself, and quickly thrusts Mimi into a world unlike she could’ve ever imagined, with a journey together that begins with what seemed a happenstance encounter between the two over the harsh winter of 1912 in the remote countryside of New England and leads them to present day Beirut in search of clues regarding her heritage, her hybrid origins, and ultimately, her destiny.

This story is incredibly thought provoking, witty, contains immersive, entertaining, oh so steamy dialogue, and comes with several plot twists and dangerous turns, all the way to its ending. Readers have commented that as they read the book, they felt as if the author was in the room reading to them. It maintains a perfect balance between wit, banter, romance, and danger.

About The Author:

Samantha E Johnson- a PhD. in Psychology, Small Business Owner, World renowned Giant European MCO Cattery Owner, and Homeschooling mother of three with a lifelong interest in the Occult, Fantasy/Mythology, and the Supernatural, Self-published/released her first Adult Fiction Vampire Romance/Thriller Novel, as book One of a series to follow over the next two years.

For complete information, visit: https://sejohnsonbooks.com/

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