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Patients are provided a wide variety of curated options, giving them the freedom to choose from 1,000+ procedures by 200+ highly accredited clinics & hospitals worldwide. Patients can simply just compare, consult, and book the treatments they desire, anywhere, anytime.

Bangkok, Thailand, June 12, 2022, Ever Healthcare is a global medical tourism platform set to redefine how patients access healthcare with more variety, affordability, and reliability than ever before. Millions of patients from all around the world travel abroad each year for medical tourism, seeking additional options for medical and aesthetic treatments. However, lack of trustworthy sources and rampant oversaturation from a variety of booking platforms has long plagued online experiences. With staff in over 10 countries including Thailand, Myanmar, Mexico, the U.S., and South Korea, Ever Healthcare is a platform with both reliable, highly accredited hospitals and clinics, as well as dedicated Care Team members who help make the stress of travel disappear.

A curated, personalized service, Ever Healthcare’s online platform is equipped with dynamic filtering tools and intelligent AI/machine-learning that help patients effortlessly find what they’re looking for. Search results immediately display relevant, aggregated information against a modern and comfortable interface, mitigating the need for time consuming self-research. It is also designed with a priority on ease and comfort of use, allowing patients to begin their healthcare journey with as little friction as possible.

Being based in a country known for its tourism, medical institutions in Thailand grew and expanded amidst natural competition that has resulted in the employment of world-class medical professionals with extensive specialties and accreditation, as well as state-of-the-art facilities. Thailand is also home to 66 JCI accredited hospitals – the most of any Southeast Asian country, and ranking 4th overall in the world.

Over the past year, Ever Healthcare has worked closely with the Thai Red Cross and other charitable organizations to help COVID-19 patients from all nationalities. From a comprehensive virtual care center offering consultation, diagnosis, medicine delivery, and bed referral, to remote care for home-isolated patients, the partnership resulted in highly impactful, innovative healthcare solutions to those in need. Ever Healthcare also personally supported 1,000s of COVID-19 patients in Thailand, providing them with direct communication channels where they could reliably access professional advice regarding their symptoms and ongoing conditions.

On average patients visit over ten websites and read twenty articles on a treatment before being able to make a decision. With Ever Healthcare, patients can simply search for their desired treatment and destination, and find all the information they need right away. Ever’s curated list of hospitals and clinics gives patients the ease and freedom to choose from hundreds of top-quality healthcare providers. As each medical destination’s details, photos, accreditations, physician specializations, and even reviews are readily available, patients can rest assured knowing all the heavy research has been done for them.

Ever Healthcare is providing the best medical outcomes in five simple steps: 

  • Explore Worldwide Options: Ever Healthcare is partnered with renowned medical centers worldwide. With their powerful filtering tools, patients can narrow down the most fitting options based on location, procedures, price range, amenities, etc.
  • Inquire, Chat, and Book: Inquiries made on Ever Healthcare are immediately sent to the respective medical institution on a direct channel, ensuring the fastest response times. When seeking personalized assessments, consultations, or quotations, a dedicated Care Concierge ensures all required information has been provided by the patient for the most accurate results, and the best prices.
  • Confirm and Plan the Trip: Once a decision has been made, patients can confirm their selection with a Care Concierge via live chat. Care Concierges will also continue to remain in close contact, keeping patients comfortable and well-informed throughout their medical or aesthetic journey.
  • Travel and Get Treated: Prior to arrival at the airport, patients can opt to be greeted by a Care Concierge and personally escorted to their place of stay. Care Concierges can also be contacted via email, live chat, or WhatsApp, offering services such as transport, translation, and more as needed during a patient’s stay.
  • After Care and Reviews: With Ever’s After Care Support, patients can seamlessly schedule online follow-up consultations with their doctor. Following complete treatment, patients can leave honest reviews of their journeys, guiding fellow users to the best experiences on Ever Healthcare.

Ever Healthcare’s Care Concierges can aid with any concerns that may arise, from discovery to recovery. Browsing and booking are made simple and reliable with full transparency, and quick communication. While on their journey, patients can simply voice their concerns, and a Care Concierge will provide personalized assistance. With Ever Healthcare, accessing the best suited medical or aesthetic treatments is no longer a chore, but a chance to uncover new and exciting experiences abroad.

Ultimately patients will be able to access top procedures from around the world, unlocking borderless healthcare. Complex or niche specializations and procedures once local to specific countries will now be available to everyone. Whether in need of stem cell therapy or new IVF advancements, acclaimed rhinoplasty and breast augmentation techniques, or knee replacement doctors with decades of stellar experience, Ever Healthcare makes it possible.

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