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New York, New York, June 16, 2022, Priymus was created by its founder, Anthoni Styvens, during the 2020 pandemic, who raised $100k from family and friends to develop an MVP for this game-changing streaming platform. To reward subscribers for their time, the company created their “Cerulean” tokens that will be earned by consuming content on its platform. However, with the addition of Visa, that idea became a much larger global positioning for the company. Upon signing up for a subscription, subscribers will receive a Visa debit card to which they can transfer their tokens and use anywhere Visa is accepted.

In his words, Priymus CEO Anthoni Styvens stated: “Being from Guyana, I understand the hardship many individuals can face when it comes to earning enough money to provide for their families with basic necessities.” What excites Anthoni is not just the opportunity to now be able to raise capital for Priymus. But the kind of expertise future investors can bring to Priymus to position the company to help the less fortunate and make the unbankable bankable. “It’s been a real blessing to work with a dream team of entertainment and business professionals within our company as we prepare to change how users stream content. I’m certain that each person here is part of the larger plan.”

And with that thought in mind, Anthoni has set a revolution in motion and is joined by Patrick Hailare, Chief Content Officer, Kwasi Fraser, Chief Technology Officer, Jea Edman, Chief Global Investor and Advertising Officer, Kiedra Tyson, Chief Marketing Officer, LaVonne Idlette, Chief Operations Officer, Ruskin Felix, Chief Financial Officer, Lavena Peters, Chief Web 3 Brand Officer, Sean Flanagan, Chief Acquisitions Officer, Khalilah Patterson, Chief Development Officer, Kareem Mack, Chief Entertainment Officer, and Magnus Aumdi, Chief Legal Office.

Anthoni understands the importance of not just having a good team or idea. But also having the resources, connections, and finances to see that idea through to completion, as well as developing the right partnerships with venture capital firms that can grasp Priymus’s vision and that can help drive the brand’s growth. The company is now preparing for the start of its seed round of funding, where they’ll provide VC firms with an opportunity to be first to market with something that will be rapidly adopted and has potential for endless scaling.

For complete information, visit: https://priymus.com/

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