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With Fidget Toys kids won’t be bored. either will one’s inner child. Moreover, playing with small details stimulates the brain to build new neural connections. This process improves memory and makes children focused and calm. 

Alberta, Canada, June 16, 2022, One of the side effects of the Covid Lockdowns was rampant boredom. Kids and adults alike battling an epidemic of boredom. Nobody will forget that experience. Now that working at home became more commonplace, there needs to be a way for the kids to be occupied with a worthy type of toy so that Mom & Dad can get some work done.

Anybody who has kids knows that it can be quite demanding to get both jobs done at the same time – occupying the kids and doing some work. Fortunately, KIDIS has launched the solution to this predicament. Their new Fidgit Toy Sets is a tried and proven solution. Kids are instantly intrigued by these Fidgit Toys and can’t wait to play with them. Even adults are wild about them.

Crafted for kids, adults, and for those with emotional disabilities, KIDIS adult and kids fidget toys are great for soothing the mind, relaxing the body, and releasing stress or anxiety. Fidget toys can assist with better focus and are great for kids and adults with ADD, ADHD, OCD. Perfect for home, school, therapy, calm-down corner, waiting room, and office.

Features & Benefits of KIDIS Fidget Toys:

  • Ideal As A Gift: These sensory fidget toys are perfect for parties and special dates and make the ideal gift for children and adults. All toys are of premium quality and dispatched in a gift box.
  • Attract and Maintain Attention: The fidget pack consists of a large variety of toys that can effectively attract and maintain attention and expand thinking, exercise sensitivity, and cultivate creativity.
  • Build Motor Skills: These sensory fidget toys can help kids build motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, and boost cognitive development. The fidget toy set is a great way to encourage kids to minimize screen time and expand social skills.
  • Safe For Everyone: Made with high-quality thermoplastic rubber, their ADHD fidget toys are non-toxic and free of BPAs. The fidgets for kids and adults come packed inside a strong and durable plastic container.
  • For Hands of All Sizes: These top quality, highly durable, full size fidget toys are perfectly sized for small hands as well as big ones.

There’s something for everyone in these premium-quality bulk pack fidget boxes which include all of the most popular fidget toys currently available: water timer, infinity cube, magic rainbow puzzle ball, squishy balls, bubble fidget, fuzzy caterpillars, flip chain, Rubik cubes, snake loop, squeeze bean, squeeze peanut, pop tubes, mochi squishies, flower fidget toy, globe squeeze stress ball, mesh & marbles, and squeeze snapper.

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