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The Udemy course “Business Planning and Startup Launch for Beginners”  features Entrepreneurship & Startup Basics with detailed examples of 10 different startup ideas. It has become one of the highest rated courses on Udemy in this genre.

New York, New York, June 18, 2022, After 4 years of doing various corporate roles in 8+ different industries and doing tens of small business gigs in his student life, Mobeen started his own highly successful company called Mobinity Global back in 2016. While Covid disrupted most of the industries we know, the online work domain exponentially grew and so did Mobinity Global. The digital services company is enroute to hit $3 million in annualized revenues, has 200+ virtual team members from 12+ countries and a growing portfolio of its own online stores.

To help others shorten their path to the success they seek, Mobeen has created two essential courses. The first course that he created is a Free Data Visualization Course, which has a 4.4-star rating and has already garnered over 18,000 enrolments around the world. His second course combines his varied areas of expertise into one great program. The Business Planning and Startup Launch for Beginners course is designed to help those with little to no experience to get their foot in the door of start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Mobeen not only believes that education is of incredible value, but that ongoing education is becoming the new normal. Nowadays, there are so many platforms that make learning accessible and affordable, more than ever before, individuals must invest in themselves and develop their skills and knowledge on a regular basis. He actively seeks opportunities to help provide education to others. In his home country of Pakistan, Ayub has been able to provide education to underprivileged children of more than 30 families in past 7 years. This work is very close to his heart.

Muhammad’s passion for helping people has not been limited to his own business ventures. He feels mentorship is a substantial part of his purpose in life and has already helped to guide hundreds of his own employees to become entrepreneurs on their own – some of whom have gone on to make more than 70 times more than they were as employees. He even helped his mother to start a home-based decoration company that has already received over 1000 orders and has raised $50,000 in seed capital. He hopes that his work will create a ripple effect and bring people together in both business and community: “Human compounding through entrepreneurship is a vision that I hope to make a reality.”

With an Electrical Engineering degree, an MBA, a Certification in Data Visualization from Microsoft, a highly decorated Business Analysis Certification from PMI-USA, and a project management certification i.e., PMP, Mobeen has demonstrated expertise in the field of start-ups and business turnaround. During a recent press event, Muhammad made these comments, “Most companies struggle with performance because the managers lack strategic expertise or cross industry knowledge to evaluate the plans holistically and execute with speed.”

He goes on to say, “My services include executing and implementing growth strategies without astronomical fees, which is how I am able to grow a global client base.” Some of the biggest names he’s worked with include start-ups such as RippleMatch and Airlift Technologies, and brands such as Versace, YSL, Bvlgari, L’Oreal, Lancome, and Armani.”

He does not see his commercial success as his greatest accomplishment. For him, the families, and underprivileged communities that he has been able to help through his start-ups and ventures are much more meaningful.

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