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In “Loved Just As I Am”, Melissa McDaniel purposefully and painfully examines her past traumas and shares her realization of how she used denial or avoidance as a means of emotional protection until well into her thirties. 

Belmont, North Carolina, July 6, 2022, Out of thousands of books that are published each year, a very few have the power to impact the reader’s lives for the better. This is usually the result of subject matter and content that the reader can instantly relate to. The written word can easily be treated as a fleeting thought, or it can remain a part of the readers psyche for a long time, and that is what changes how a person processes their information.

In Loved Just As I Am, Melissa McDaniel shows that she is a master wordsmith. Reviews have come in swiftly and full of accolades. Some readers comment that they felt as though the author was sitting with them reading her book to them. One thing for sure, it is hard to put the book down once reading has begun.

The author recounts how her idyllic life in the south was changed forever when she was sexually assaulted at age eleven. She shares her raw journey of not only processing her childhood wounds but her struggles as a young woman dealing with a violent ex-boyfriend, racism within her family and community, motherhood, addiction, and infidelity.

Using her deep faith, love of family, and firm belief that every person is enough, McDaniel skillfully owns her “crapola” while laying bare her feelings and actions, both good and bad. Her fresh perspective and vulnerability create a roadmap of healing for others like her to rise above pain, shame, and doubt. The result is a life guided by wisdom, freedom, and healing.

During a recent interview, Melissa made these comments, “I believe we must choose to see the light and have hope, even when it is as small as a mustard seed. When people are in deep emotional pain, they will do anything to stop that pain even when the choices add even more layers of shame. Unresolved traumas allow our emotions to rule our life.”

She goes on to say, “These unconfronted traumas keep us all confined to a smaller version of ourselves. It’s only when we get tired of hurting ourselves and others and begin to be proactive about finding the root of our distress that the darkness recedes. Refuse to live in despair. Instead, seek love, understanding, and forgiveness.”

About The Author: 

Melissa McDaniel is a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, life coach, and speaker who has spent nearly two decades helping people transform their lives. She began her career as a therapist for victims of sexual assault before transitioning to working with individuals who have committed sexual crimes to transform their behavior. Grief, anxiety, and depression are consistent issues she deals with from her private practice.

Her love of family led her to a counseling position with Family-Centered Services. After working twelve-hour days keeping families together, she realized her own family was struggling from her absence and opened her own private practice. For over 17 years, she has counseled and coached thousands from her private practice, guiding individuals and families to their higher purpose.

Melissa has lectured and provided training at numerous mental health facilities as well as served as an expert witness and provided evaluations for the courts when needed. One strength is her love of learning. She constantly remains curious and up to date within her field. The people who have the most self-growth continue to explore and discover deeper meaning within themselves and others.

For complete information, visit her website at: https://shepherdwaycounseling.org/

For a limited time, her free eBook is available for download about how to find one’s infinite power. Her new online course, a guide for people learning self-love, will launch in late 2022.

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