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Designed to engage employees, clients, and guests in corporate safety and security processes. 

San Clemente, California, July 11, 2022SAFE Inc., a pioneering leader in personal safety education, has debuted its business-centric safety and security course. The new course offers an in-depth guide on how to combat threats and violence within the workplace with critical skills that anyone can master.

“We live in an increasingly dangerous world and it is long past due that everyone become involved in their personal safety posture, whether at home, work, or play. Our reliance on guns, guards, cameras, and fences is clearly misplaced, as evidenced by the ongoing increase in mass shootings and violent incidents in the workplace,” said Rick Collins, founder of SAFE Inc. He cited several statistics compiled in a 2022 Zippia Research study to emphasize the need for a new educational approach:

  • In the United States, there are roughly 2 million victims of workplace violence each year.
  • Workplace violence causes American businesses to lose, on average, 250 to 330 billion dollars every year.
  • 68 percent of workers across the world do not feel safe at work.
  • An estimated 25 percent of workplace violence incidents go unreported by businesses.

“Violent incidents irreparably impact businesses from an emotional and risk management viewpoint,” Collins said.

SAFE’s business course offers clients flexibility when it comes to deployment and subject matter, as well as white-label options for corporate internal branding. It builds on the realization that most recent tragedies in schools and businesses were preventable had everyone been engaged in the safety and security process with a confidential reporting structure to match. The course is suited for a wide range of business types, including hotels and casinos, financial organizations, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants and warehouses, schools, and places of worship.

Content ranges from situational awareness and behavior analysis to diffusing escalated incidents and the importance of corporate culture. The course is designed to teach employees, managers, and business leaders how to become safe and more secure.

“When it comes down to it, society, in general, must put a lot more effort into preventing threats versus what is spent once mitigation is necessary,” Rick stated. “See something say something needs to be more than a buzzword. When people pay more attention to their surroundings and situations, they naturally become more confident in what they see and whether it is of concern,” Collins said. “Being more aware is the first step in any safety process where you need to identify, assess and avoid potentially dangerous situations and behaviors.”

About SAFE Inc.:

Founded in 2019, SAFE Inc. is a veteran-owned and operated business focusing on providing online safety education around personal and business safety. With a focus on situational awareness, behavior analysis, threat identification, assessment, and prevention, as well as other critical safety skills, SAFE Inc’s courses can make everyone safer and more secure while addressing risk management concerns.

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