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Stych, a video journal app that allows users to create a single chronological video file of all life’s most important moments. Stych enables users to upload these important videos and combines them into one chronological file that can then be passed on to others. 

New York, New York, July 24, 2022, There are so many milestones and other celebrations and events that warrant video preservation for the future. Stych is a brilliant solution to upload videos and save memories in one place. Now it is a simple task to have a chronologically organized video life journal but also start one for their newborn with a touch of a button.

Stych is a hassle-free download and easy to use. Just tab record and stop as the moments come up or upload previously recorded videos. Stych manages the job of synchronizing all these files chronologically and streams the file back to the user’s device as one navigable file. Most importantly, because streaming technology is used, there is no annoying buffering during playback.

In addition to being a personal video journal, users can create multiple Life Files and share copies of Life Files to other users. This means that as a parent,  users can start their baby’s Life File for them and then share a copy to them when they get their first phone. All their important moments and video memories are captured in a single file that they then can rename and continue building throughout their life.

Stych Is Great For:

  • Storing forgotten memories.
  • Reminiscence over important moments in one’s life journey.
  • Organize video memories in a life story.
  • Have a video album for all your important videos as a single file.
  • Have one keepsake video vault.
  • Video memory keeper.
  • Create video albums for babies and toddlers and share them in the future.
  • Create video family album.
  • … And many more …

Upcoming Features Include: Ability to download your Life File to own the file created forever. Co-creating a Life File with other users so couples can create a Life File together or just a group of friends on a vacation together. Sharing clips to social networks will be added. Apple Version to launch soon.

How Stych Came To Be:

As a parent of two teenagers, the developer regretted not maintaining a better chronological video file of his kid’s moments. This led him and his team to build Stych so users can record, keep, and organize every important moment of their life in a single file of their life.

Here is an actual Video of the founder using Stych with his son: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_uls87s5ps

Visit the Stych App’s website: https://stych.app/

The Stych App can be downloaded here.

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