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101 Useful Tips for Rookie Police Officers is a practical manual rooted in the author’s many years of experience in law enforcement. It contains a wealth of advice on making it through field training, life survival, safety tips, and much more. 

Los Angeles, California, August 1, 2022, Scott Medlin’s new book – 101 Useful Tips for Rookie Police Officers contains a wealth of advice on making it through field training, life survival, safety tips, and much more. It features snippets of valuable insight from several experts and law enforcement veterans such as psychologist Dr. Katherine Kuhlman who appears on national media to discuss mental health in law enforcement. Police Chief Neil Gang, a renowned keynote speaker and creator of the “Asher Model” for Officer Wellness, also imparts some of his wisdom.

Scott Medlin has been through a lot and has also included personal awareness methods not dealt with in detail in law enforcement training. 101 Useful Tips for Rookie Police Officers will help rookie police officers from making rookie mistakes. Written in an easy, conversational style, this manual is a must-read whether newly graduated from a police academy or are a seasoned officer. The author assures that there is something for everyone to relate to and take on board.

In 2020, Scott began his journey to inspire and encourage police officers to be fulfilled, and excel, by focusing on their personal wellbeing in order to survive the career and better serve the public. Scott has spoken openly about his struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, and depression. He is a relatable and dynamic speaker, author, and content creator, and has presented at numerous first responder conferences and police academy classes. His work has also been featured on major platforms including Police1, Law Enforcement Today, top ranked police podcasts, and much more. Follow Scott on the YouTube channel, The 10 Code Mindset.

Scott Medlin also has a Podcast called “The 10 Code Mindset”. This podcast helps to keep police officers alive and well, by providing backup for wellness, resilience, inspiration, and he talks about other police topics as well. The podcast’s mission is to help police officers excel and create a fulfilled life.

Client Testimonials always tell the story. Dr. Dara Rampersad, Chief Psychologist of BluePaz LLC First Responder Services, made these comments, “We had the pleasure of hearing Scott Medlin do a presentation for us on officer wellness and resiliency. I would highly recommend Scott; he did a phenomenal job. People really related to him as he has experience as an officer and as someone who has written books on officer wellness and resiliency. Scott not only would relate to officers, but also to members of any first responder group. I highly recommend him and hope that you guys get to benefit from his words.”

For complete information, visit: https://thescottmedlin.com/

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