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This wind-proof lighter is ready for all occasions. On board Bottle Opener, Keychain Holder, Storage Compartment, Stylus, and torch flame. 

Dover, Delaware, August 4, 2022, Gas lighters have been around for decades. Different shapes and different colors, mostly made with plastic bodies. It is high time for a new generation of lighters to hit the market that have multi-uses. The concept is being able to take it out of the pocket and use it for simple tasks. Now accepting pre-orders.

Reaper Lighters have the solution for archaic boring gas lighters. A lighter can have many functions, as can be seen in Reaper Lighters. The Torch Flame can come in handy while camping out and it’s time for a campfire. Keys will always be handy with the onboard keychain holder. Instead of fumbling around looking for a way to open a bottle, just use the built-in bottle opener on the Reaper Lighter.

Reapers are long lasting (6months) and can be reused and refilled many times to avoid throwing them away and buying a new one every time. The lighter’s body is made out of electroplated zinc alloy. The flame is windproof and the gas tank’s capacity is of 3.8g.

They make an excellent gift for the person who has everything and loves gadget type items. Whatever a person is up to: Camping, at the bar or a club, on the beach, Dragstrip, Fishing, Partying, Barbeque or just a get together with friends, Reaper will help.

Butane lighters have a valved orifice that meters the butane gas as it escapes. A spark is created by pressing a button that compresses a piezoelectric crystal (piezo ignition), generating an electric arc. Butane lighters combine the striking action with the opening of the valve to release gas. The spark ignites the flammable gas causing a flame to come out of the lighter which continues until  the valve is released.

Reaper “windproof” butane lighters are manufactured for demanding conditions such as shipboard, high altitude, and wet climates. Windproof lighters mix the fuel with air and pass the butane–air mixture through a catalytic coil. An electric spark starts the initial flame, and soon the coil is hot enough to cause the fuel/air mixture to burn on contact.

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