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Firm Advocates Processes For Earlier Identification of Threats. 

San Clemente, California, August 4, 2022SAFE Inc., a pioneering leader in personal safety education, believes the prevalent active shooter training used is schools is inadequate protection for school children.

Since 2000, ALICE active shooter training has been implemented in more than 5,500 school districts nationwide. The program name is an acronym for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.

“Using the tragic recent shooting in Uvalde as an example, it’s easy to show how every facet of a system designed to go into effect only once a shooter is on campus is ineffective,” said Rick J. Collins, Founder and CEO of SAFE.

He pointed out that schools have spent billions on school safety and training like ALICE & HERO, but that form of training only goes into effect once an active shooter is on the scene. “By then it is too late,” he said. “There is so much more than can be done, and done very inexpensively, if we look at the causes of violence versus effect.”

SAFE Inc. advocates a process to identify threats long before they are within range of one’s kids.

  • Attempt to address all forms of bullying on and off campus. Victims of incessant bullying are often isolated and angry and most likely to be involved in an act of violence.
  • Engage everyone in safety and security processes. Hundreds of eyes and ears will always be more effective than just four from a single school resource officer.
  • Implement an anonymous reporting structure. Make it harder for bad people to target good people. People often notice something. Empower them to say something.

“Schools must implement school-wide education that engages everyone in their safety and security posture so potential threats can be identified, reported on, and avoided long before our children are put at risk. The it won’t happen here attitude must change to it very well might,” Collins said.

SAFE Inc’s course(s) build on the realization that most recent tragedies in schools and businesses were preventable had everyone been educated enough to turn “see something say something” into more than a buzzword.

About SAFE Inc.:

Founded in 2019, SAFE Inc. is a veteran-owned and operated business focusing on providing online safety education around personal and business safety. With a focus on situational awareness, behavior analysis, threat identification, assessment, and prevention, as well as other critical safety skills, SAFE Inc’s courses can make everyone safer and more secure while addressing risk management concerns.

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