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If this fight comes to fruition, it will be a huge event featuring two actual boxers, not just wannabe fighters. It has already attracted global coverage. What remains is to see if the Logan Paul Camp is up to the challenge by a real boxer. 

Los Angeles, California, August 14, 2022, When two social media stars with each having millions followers contemplate stepping into the ring for an actual boxing match, it is big news. People on both sides of this imminent match-up are already hyped. No doubt the Las Vegas odds makers are ready, as this will be a big sports event.

Both of these social media stars are experienced boxers with noteworthy wins on their scorecards. One thing for sure, Viktor Drago is an experienced athlete. After all, how many people can claim that they were a cross country skier at ten years of age? He also has many other honors and awards on his resume, including being a 3-time winner of the Cross-Country Rollerski World Cup Champion (Russia 2013, France 2013, Croatia 2014.)

Viktor has also proven himself to be a masterful businessman, motivator, and an Influencer with tens of millions of followers. His last boxing victory was a knockout against TikTok star Chinno TV.

He states that it was an easy victory and it looked that way too. Can he do the same with Logan Paul, who boxed his ears off in their last encounter which was to be a boxing challenge prank 3 years ago? This remains to be seen but will be an exciting event.

Logan Paul is one of the most successful social media stars of all time. His resume includes movies, TV appearances, music awards and he has more than 23 million subscribers on YouTube as of January 2022. Currently, he is signed to WWE, performing on their Raw brand with a multi-million contract.

At 6’2″ and a muscular 200 lbs., Logan Paul is a menacing figure, but can he pull-out a win against a well-trained version of Viktor Drago? Only if he shows-up for the event. During a recent interview, Viktor made these comments, “With big respect to Logan Paul, It will be an easy fight, he is not gonna stay 4-5 rounds with me. Plus 10 oz gloves, I never fought in these gloves, so it’s why this fight can finish even early, but in any case it will be a classic boxing fight that will be pleasant to watch for people.”

He went on to say, “If it will be a pro fight, we will have 10 oz gloves. I have the most powerful punches in cruiserweight boxing, so with 10oz gloves it even can finish faster, but in general 4-5 rounds maximum, it will be a knockout, or they will stop the fight.”

Stay tuned and plan on picking-up tickets early, as it will be a sold-out event.

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