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PeakU is changing the paradigm of CV recruiting by allowing companies to see the capabilities of the candidates first. Their online platform allows companies to test candidates on real world conditions and prioritize talent accordingly. 

Austin, Texas, August 23, 2022, Human Resource departments have used the same archaic methodology for locating and hiring talent for many, many years. There have not been any earth-shattering changes in the way talent is selected other than going online as the digital age became firmly entrenched in the global business community.

PeakU has changed all that with their high-tech recruiting platform that takes the guesswork out of hiring the best qualified talent. Normally, employers post a job, receive resumes, look for interesting talent, interview, and hire. Unfortunately, great resumes don’t make great candidates, as some people are really good at making them, but fall short of performing as specified.

PeakU has global reach and has consistently been able to locate the best talent for their clients. They also assist with all the operational details, contracts, payments and so on, so it can work seamlessly.

Through their tech headhunting expertise, they provide employers with talented and tested tech candidates, guaranteed. Featuring customized testing according to specific needs and company preferences.

  • A Dashboard For Al Processes: Contact candidates by mail or WhatsApp, send documents and tests, review results and profiles, chat with the team and much more, all from the same place.
  • Orderly and Intuitive Process: Utilizing their dashboard, hundreds of suggested candidates can be seen, schedule interviews, send and review tests, view resumes, annotate comments, chat with them, select according to their performance as they progress through the hiring process, among other functionalities.
  • Easy To Read Standardized Resume: Quickly identify candidate’s skills and profiles through PeakU’s resume, where they organize all candidate information effectively.
  • Filters With AI: Automatically filter candidates by their tests results and profiles.
  • Automated Bots: Accelerates the process of sourcing specialized talent not actively looking for jobs.
  • Expansive Database: The Myndlift tech talent database includes more than 350,000 active developers.

The PeakU all-in-one platform centralizes the headhunting process and allows employers to hire 8x faster than the industry average. Plans are available for all business sizes. Companies can source, filter, and hire in the same place. PeakU enables companies to access, sign, pay and manage candidates anywhere in the world, as the platform has a way to connect to all the relevant international job boards.

For complete information, visit: https://peaku.co/

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