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Town Becomes World’s First Municipality to Install Touchless Toilet Paper Dispensers.

Cary, North Carolina, August 29, 2022, Cary, North Carolina has become the world’s first municipality to provide a completely touchless restroom experience for residents and visitors. According to Kelly Blazey, Transit Administrator for the Town of Cary, “In these times of heightened health awareness, people have increasingly come to expect a touchless experience in public spaces.”

With BIOtouchless dispensers, the toilet paper rolls are fully protected from airborne pathogens that collect on top of exposed toilet paper rolls in public restroom stalls. “Cary focuses on enriching the lives of our citizens by creating an exceptional environment and providing exemplary services that enable our community to thrive and prosper. This is just one more example of achieving that mission.”, said Blazey.

Blazey continued, “In addition to the hygienic aspect, based upon the savings that have traditionally been seen from automatic paper towel dispensers, we expect to see a 50% reduction in the amount of toilet paper consumed in restrooms equipped with the BIOtouchless dispensers. We are increasingly focused on sustainability, and this is another incremental step on that green journey.”

According to Kevin Dailey, BIOtouchless CEO, “The market is embracing touchless technologies due to health, ROI and convenience reasons. We applaud Town of Cary for their vision and their commitment to the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors alike. Public restrooms have had touchless paper towels, faucets, and soap dispensers for years. This is the last and most important element of sanitizing the user’s experience,” continued Dailey.

The TP-100 has a fully enclosed, aesthetically pleasing design that is suitable for all public venues. An on-board processor manages the sensors and motors that deliver ATM-class reliability to ensure a pleasant user experience. A simple wave of the hand dispenses 20 or 24-inch segments of paper, or a continuous feed for ADA-compliance. The TP-100 is now shipping in volume.

About Town of Cary

Cary is a town in Wake County and Chatham County, North Carolina. It is part of the Raleigh-Cary, NC Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of the 2020 Census, its population was 174,721, making it Wake County’s second-largest municipality, the seventh largest in North Carolina, and the 150th largest in the United States. 

About BIOtouchless, Inc.

Founded in 2015, BIOtouchless delivers patented paper dispensing devices worldwide. BIOtouchless is dedicated to improving the quality of the patron experience in public restrooms. Manual toilet paper dispensers are the most serious health hazards in any public bathroom. Trying to keep manual dispensers sanitary, secure, and stocked is inefficient and often impossible. This challenge is everywhere — from public facilities to hotels, office buildings to restaurants, medical offices to hospitals, and at dreaded beach and gas station restrooms.

“Our goal is to put this patented disease-prevention device in as many public restrooms as possible to improve public health and wellness.”

For complete information, visit:  https://biotouchless.com/

A video of the TP-100 can be viewed here

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Town of Cary

For specific questions about Town services or operations, dial 311 anywhere in Cary, (919) 469-4000 outside town limits, or email 311@townofcary.org

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