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Keith’s Infinite Recovery model is derived from leading-edge ideas and research in the areas of neuroscience, epigenetics and personal growth and development, and is inclusive of all forms of addiction, and all approaches to recovery. His book is intuitively front-loaded with accessible guidance. 

Haverhill, Massachusetts, September 9, 2022, Out of the several thousands of books that are published each year, only a select few actually have the power to change lives. The new book by Keith Keller, The Infinite Recovery Handbook: Beat Addiction and Have the Life and Recovery of Your Dreams, is just such a book.

The author writes from personal experience with addiction. With over 30 years of lived recovery experience, he is an emerging expert in the addiction recovery field. His medical experience, holistic approach, extensive experience in alternative healing modalities and science-based personal transformation, give Keith a balanced and complete perspective on the many moving parts of the addiction crisis and the recovery movement.

The Infinite Recovery Handbook has and is changing lives every day. The author’s deep knowledge of western, holistic, and alternative healing, science-based personal development as well as the traditional twelve-step model of recovery is integrated to pack this book with the answers readers want and deserve.

Starting with the most basic element, is the reader addicted? It explains in a clear way how to get help, how to move forward, enter recovery, reconstruct an addiction-shattered life… and on through transforming into an upgraded version of oneself, realizing one’s true potential and manifesting the recovery and life of one’s dreams… this book is a one-stop recovery source.

During a recent interview, Keith had this to say, “Every day I witness the challenges and hear the questions of those who struggle with substance use and addictions. I’m on a mission to help those who suffer as I once did. Recovery is a skill that can be learned by anyone. This is the book I would want if I was new in recovery. This is the resource I would need.”

Reader Testimonials always tell the story. Campbell, a Verified Reader, made these comments, “I read The Infinite Recovery Handbook, cover to cover, over the weekend. With Keith’s first words, “Hey, how’s it going?”, I felt expertly held in exploring the tough issues around recovery from addictive illness. Keith’s book is direct, candid, and stigma-free. Keith manages to make cutting-edge, recovery-related science accessible and applicable. Intimate description and discussion of recovery resources and supports offer the reader the ability to shape their personal map to recovery – zig zags included. In contrast to guiding towards surviving addiction, Keith’s skillful mental coaching empowers the reader to imagine a recovery, and life, of limitless potential.”

About The Author:

Keith Keller has been in recovery from alcohol and polysubstance use disorder for 31 years, half his life. This is referred to as “lived experience.” He is an author, registered nurse, recovery expert and activist. He holds an associate in polarity therapy, an energy-healing modality similar to Reiki, and has extensively studied science and mindfulness-based personal development techniques.

The Infinite Recovery model is based in neuroscience, epigenetics, and the quantum model of consciousness. Keith’s goal is to change the way millions of people recover from addiction. Keith leads an online recovery community of three thousand people from around the world. In addition to his Infinite Recovery pursuits, Keith has run a primary care-based addiction program in opiate-ravaged southern New Hampshire, and currently works in community mental health.

For complete information, visit: https://www.infiniterecovery.org

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