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PIE-POD is a new, innovative product that will revolutionize pizza storage and reheating. It is the #1 device for storing, reheating, and crisping the crust of any leftover pizza slice. Once reheated in the microwave, a pizza slice will taste like it came right out of a brick oven. 

Davie, Florida, September 13, 2022, Pizza has been around for many, many years. Think about it: when is the last time a truly unique product was introduced that could make pizza lovers stand up and cheer? A dad and his son have launched a very innovative product as the solution to clean storage with the capability to reheat pizza just like it came out of a brick oven.

Seth Marquit MD, MPH, FAAEM, is a board-certified practicing ER physician. He is used to saving a life, but recently he has taken on a whole new career focused on saving a slice. Seth Marquit is CEO and Founder of PIE-POD. This company manufactures a product that stores and can later reheat leftover pizza slices.

It began in 2020 when Seth and his son Caleb applied to be contestants on the TV show Make48. Make48 is an exciting look at the entire invention process from idea to store shelf. In this unique series, teams compete to develop a new product idea, plan it, make a prototype, and pitch it – all in just 48 hours. They did not win the $10k prize but they used the experience as a motivator to nurture and grow their idea and later build a brand from scratch.

Seth showcased their new product at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas 2021, during the pandemic. Despite that, they still sold out their inventory: 500 PIE-POD units in 2 days. They returned from the Expo and made improvements to the product. Now, they are launching a campaign on Kickstarter.

PIE-POD crisper pans are capable of reaching temperatures of over 400’F when preheated in the microwave. These temperatures create the Maillard Reaction, a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives browned food its distinctive flavor. The reaction is a form of non-enzymatic browning which typically proceeds rapidly from around 140 to 165 °C (280 to 330 °F). Using a microwave oven, these high temperatures are only achievable with the patent pending PIE-POD crisper pan and are not obtainable using traditional cookware.

The secret to reheating pizza on a PIE-POD crisper pan is that folks are not actually heating their pizza slice with microwaves. They are preheating the crisper pan empty without the pizza slice on it for 3 minutes. The majority of the heating and crisping of the pizza slice comes from the conductive heating of the pizza from the 400o crisper pan, not the microwave heating of the pizza slice. The additional 30-45 seconds of microwave heating simply melts the cheese and is not a sufficient amount of time to make the crust chewy. As the crisper pan is allowed to cool, the pizza slice continues to crisp resulting in that perfect pizza texture and flavor. It tastes like it came right out of a brick oven. Now eat Brick Oven like Pizza, anywhere there is a Microwave Oven.

When ready for some leftover pizza, take it along in a PIE-POD Pizza Travel Tote. Keep the pizza hot and beverages cold. Store up to four pizza slices in the top insulated compartment and up to six 12oz beverages in the bottom insulated compartment of a PIE-POD Travel Tote. The Tote can be used for anything. It’s not just for pizza.

Seth and Caleb need help to cover the cost of their first Kickstarter production run of 1500 PIE-POD units and 500 units of their custom PIE-POD bags. Presale of PIE-POD Pizza Crisper & Storage containers will allow them to pay the balance of their purchase order and help with the deposit for a larger order all with the hopes of getting PIE-POD Pizza Crisper and Storage devices into everyone’s home and into the big box retailers.

Early adopters will have the choice of the best perks. This is an outstanding opportunity to be part of a new idea that will change an entire industry almost overnight.

For complete information, visit: https://piepod.pizza/

Visit their Kickstarter Campaign here.

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