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 Their mission is always to test limits, give back, and support one another. 

San Diego, California, September 26, 2022, Ultra-Endurance Athletes Hector Rodriguez & Justin True are best known for their admirable goals of raising money for charities, as well as for their incredible ability to surpass all obstacles in their endurance challenges. They represent the best qualities of humankind, to give of themselves to help others.

Last year, Hector completed The Triple Crown of 200s Challenge. This challenge consisted of completing three ultra-races that take place in Washington, California, and Utah. These races are 200+ miles each, so completing all three would total 600+ miles of racing in approximately eight weeks

This year, Hector was part of a small group of athletes who were going to test the nearly impossible challenge of attempting a run of 350 miles with 80 thousand feet of climb – nearly three times the height of Mt. Everest – in 162 hours.

The challenge was altered for everyone as the United States Forest Service (USFS) would not let them run through the night. Additionally, it was very difficult to navigate through the Montana terrain which slowed them down. Everyone had to alter their routes including Hector. He ended up running in mountains and near the campsite so he could still get as many miles completed and stay compliant to USFS rules.

He finished with 300+ miles or an average of over 43 miles on foot per day. Hector was supported (crewed/paced) by fellow friend and extreme endurance athlete, Oregon based Justin True. The adventure was filmed and documented. A film is starting to be produced and hopefully will be released later this year. Justin helped him cross over 300+ miles for Hector’s new personal record.

San Diego’s CBS8 covered Hector’s challenge and noted his efforts were to help raise money for “Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome”. RODS Heroes is a nonprofit committed to finding a loving home for all orphaned children with Down syndrome. Through the efforts of the many RODS Heroes and the amazing families who are answering the call to adopt, miracles are transpiring right before everyone’s eyes.

Justin True successfully completed his mission to bring Mental Health to the forefront via the most demanding Triathlon ever conceived. A roughly 3.5-day swim from Key Largo, FL to Key Biscayne, FL including 28-hours in rough waters, a 2900-mile bike ride to San Diego, CA, and a 600-mile run, in an effort to raise $500,000 for Mental Health Awareness Month. True also hopes to break the stigma surrounding mental health while showing others the “undeniable power of speaking their truth.” This event was covered by news media all across the nation including Google News.

For more information about Hector Rodriguez, visit:  www.Wolfpackendurance.com

For more information about Justin True, visit:  instagram.com/therealjustintrue

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