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The Blue Sky Solar Team values company culture above all else and was looking for ways to reward selflessness and also find ways to encourage employees to give back. 

Aurora, Colorado, September 29, 2022, Blue Sky Solar & Roofing, the acknowledged leader in high-tech roofing and solar material installations has announced supporting of a worthy cause, Child Rescue, Inc. More companies should step up and do their part to help those in need wherever possible. It is one thing to talk about it and another thing to take positive steps in that direction.

When Blue Sky Solar asked Master Electrician Jeff Shamborg to come on board, they knew how deeply involved he was with a program in Cambodia that helps young kids and adults receive continued education. Although this is the busy season for Solar in the US, they knew he had a trip coming up, and Jeff had worked hard to get the right people into place.

Jeff is running the Blue Sky Solar production in multiple states. As a result, the logistics can get pretty complicated. In preparations for this trip, Jeff made decisions to allocate resources appropriately. He pointed out how difficult life can be with the hardships in Cambodia. Jeff also mentioned to Co-Owner Nick Dorotik and Co-Owner Dan Mestas that a significant part of the funding for the work they do in Cambodia comes from The Goodwill Community Foundation. Unfortunately, he also casually mentioned that the Goodwill Foundation Funding would no longer be available.

During a recent interview, Dan commented, “After hearing about the loss of funding from The Goodwill Community Foundation and seeing that Jeff was genuinely upset. We knew we couldn’t stand by and do nothing, and then it was just a matter of logistics. So, I grabbed Nick and we started running the numbers.”

Dan said, “After installing over 200 kilowatts of solar in August, we were already looking for ways to recognize Jeff and his contributions that led to this new company record. Additionally, it seemed like a good way to acknowledge the hard work from Jeff’s team and show them that all their hard work was really making a big difference, in measurable ways.”

Jeff sits on the board at Child Rescue Inc., and also is the most senior production person at Blue Sky Solar and Roofing. Blue Sky saw the opportunity to help and has donated $20 for each kilowatt installed to the Child Rescue, Inc. cause. Jeff brought more than just his usual strong work ethic on this recent trip to Cambodia. He had secured the money needed to keep the project running, including funding to keep all 25 schools open. With 200 kWh of solar installed, It comes to just over $4000 for just the month of August alone. The Owners believe this support level will be sustainable for Blue Sky Solar.

About Child Rescue Inc:

Child Rescue Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides schools and shelters in Cambodia—established in 1969 by a medic named Ken Armstrong. In Cambodia, more than 50% of the population is less than 25 years old, the population has been struggling, and school supplies have been short. However, the Goodwill Community Foundation partnership has alleviated some of the financial pressures since 2014.

The partnership has facilitated the establishment of seventeen English schools and eight computer schools in the area. But unfortunately, finances have become strained with the Goodwill Community Foundation, and the Child Rescue Inc group has had to look for alternative ways to keep the funding viable.

Board member Jeff Shamburg noted that at least a hundred jobs would be lost if the financial backing is removed. According to Jeff, “If the 25 schools are taken off funding simultaneously, all the jobs will likely go with them. So many kids would be left in the dark without hope if we didn’t have programs like this.”

With Jeff now overseeing the production at Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, a solar installation company with offices in Aurora, Colorado, and Dallas, Texas, the company has enjoyed its most significant month of installs since the company’s inception! In addition, Blue Sky Solar has agreed to provide continued support so that Child Rescue Inc can continue to help so many in need, even as the Goodwill Community Foundation pulls out.

The funding will, at least in the meantime, prevent all of the hard work Jeff and Child Rescue Inc.’s crew have been doing from backsliding. The schools will remain intact, and the jobs are now secured. Thousands of kids will stay in class, which sounds like a win to everyone involved!

It breaks down to about $40 a year per student. That could easily be spent at a fast-food restaurant on a lunch for two. The Blue Sky Solar team is grateful for the opportunity to help. They are thankful for the selfless leadership and actions the Master Electrician Jeff Shamburg has brought to the organization and happy to see it translate into productivity.

“Rarely in business do you get such a clear-cut path to doing the right thing. There will always be plenty of obstacles to overcome in business and life that can divide us and create discord, especially when people are passionate about their work. However, helping those in need and supporting such a noble cause is easy to get excited about because it brings us all together.”- Nick Dorotik.

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