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The Dataset Shop offers millions of images, including the largest collection of biometrically released images exclusively constructed for generative AI training. vAIsual’s real life dataset features over 1500 identities that have been captured from dozens of angles and prepared specifically for AI training. 

New York, NY, October 3, 2022, vAIsual, pioneers in legally clean training data for generative AI, is proud to announce the launch of its Dataset Shop; effectively solving the problem of millions of photographs being illegally scraped from the internet to train artificial intelligence models.

vAisual has created the world’s first commercially available algorithmic camera – a ground-breaking product that combines legally clean datasets to act as the raw ingredients and the most powerful AI-powered technology on planet Earth to generate synthetic content anywhere, any time.

During a recent interview, Michael Osterrieder, vAIsual CEO, made these comments, “Developers of AI now have no excuse to steal images from the internet to train their algorithms. It’s time for the industry to move from the wild west and start acting in a legitimate and professional way.”

vAIsual is the recipient of the Visual1st Conference’s 2021 Innovation Award and received a commendation from Google’s Anna Dickson, who said “By generating their own datasets, they can acquire biometric releases and allow for self-identification, creating a unique and diverse dataset that can be leveraged to not just create synthetic media but to also generate algorithms to understand meaning and context of visual data”.

At the core of the issue is the ethical use of AI, both in terms of proper compensation to the original copyright holders, as well as respect for the privacy of individuals in the photos. For the millions of independent photographers, and the stock agencies where they sell the content, the stealing of their photos to train AI to generate look-alike images, means a complete loss of livelihoods.

While copyright and IP rights are of great concern to industry players, the issue of biometric rights stand as the most likely to cause bigger problems for AI developers.

Before commercial businesses can utilize the biometric data of people they need to have a signed biometric model release. Without this, every company who utilizes data that has not been authorized, is at risk.

Recent cases where the law has defended the rights of individuals include Facebook being sued by the State of Texas for using data without the express permission of its users. Likewise, Weight Watchers, was fined $1.5million by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and had to delete its trained AI model that was created using data collected from children under the age of 13.

“At vAIsual, we don’t just pay lip service to AI ethics, it is core to who we are as individuals and as a company. Ensuring that we adhere to every single law regarding human biometrics is of great importance to us. We know our role.” says vAIsual CEO, Michael Osterrieder.

He goes on to say, “Only time will tell how the law intervenes in this nascent industry that is growing exponentially in accordance with the excitement and potential of artificial intelligence. What we know is that the DataSet Shop means the AI industry now has no excuses for not acquiring and using legally clean data for their training and commercialization purposes.”

For complete information, visit:  https://www.datasetshop.com

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