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Choosing the right partner to decommission excess electronic assets is a big decision. Excess Logic was selected by ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, because Excess Logic provides a nationwide “one-stop-solution” for all types of electronic asset disposal, saving significant time and money. 

Fremont, California, October 10, 2022, Excess Logic is the nationwide leader in Full-Service IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) and Data Destruction. They operate their own ITAD centers, and they maximize the recovery value from IT hardware.

Excess Logic’s ITAD solutions are a seamless alternative for companies that may not have formal Asset Disposal Programs, as well as customers that are interested in making equipment upgrades and need a viable disposal solution for outdated equipment.

With industry specific solutions catering to the unique needs of each business, Excess Logic helps  companies save time and money, reduce risk, and avoid mistakes. Whether decommissioning excess assets across town, or from multiple facilities across the country, Excess Logic has the experience needed to keep businesses moving forward.

Excess Logic will provide ByteDance with excess IT asset disposal, compliant serialized data destruction, and value recovery services across all locations in South and North America.

Since 2012 Excess Logic has been provided for over 500 companies including Google, Meta (Formerly Facebook), and Mercedes Benz with:

  • IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)
  • Data Center Decommissioning and Networking Gear Recycling.
  • Compliant Serialized Data Destruction.
  • Surplus Lab, R&D and Analytical Equipment Removal & Remarketing.
  • Excess Electronics and Equipment Donation.

Excess Logic makes the entire process effortless by providing:

  • Easy and convenient online service scheduling.
  • Dismantling, de‐installation, and removal of all IT assets.
  • Onsite inventory identification and reconciliation lists.
  • Onsite or offsite data destruction.
  • 100% sector‐verified data sanitization for any type of hard drive including SSD drives.
  • Documentation receipts for media sanitization, destruction, and recycling of assets.
  • Functional reporting of asset reconciliation, disposal, and revenue sharing.

Now there is a single company that can handle all Asset Recovery & Disposition needs. Excess Logic provides seamless Surplus Equipment, IT Asset and Excess Inventory/RMAs Disposal and Remarketing Services to over 500 companies NATIONWIDE.

Their trained specialists disconnect, dismantle, remove, recycle, and remarket surplus equipment, IT assets and excess inventory/RMAs through multiple domestic and worldwide online marketplaces to reduce the cost of the disposal and maximize monetary Recovery rates on equipment and inventory.

  • Excess Test & Analytical Equipment Removal: If the company is downsizing, or refreshing Test and Analytical equipment, Excess Logic sells surplus equipment, recycles e-waste, destroys data, and pays owners up to 90% back.
  • Data Center Recycling: Their comprehensive service includes all regulatory required documentation supporting the destruction of equipment. They also guarantee that all data will be sanitized from any equipment which is not recycled.

Datacenter decommissioning is a complex task that requires coordination among several parties, especially if the data center is located at a colocation space. The parties include the colocation facility, equipment owner, and the disposal company. 

  • Data Destruction and Sanitization: Data sanitization is the process of permanently and irreversibly removing or destroying the data stored on hard drives or other media storage devices. A device that has been sanitized or destroyed has no usable residual data, and even the most advanced forensic tools will not be able to recover the erased data.
  • IT Asset Decommissioning: They operate their own ITAD centers nationwide and maximize the recovery value from IT hardware. Excess Logic’s ITAD solutions are a seamless alternative for companies that may not have formal Asset Disposal Programs, as well as customers that are interested in making equipment upgrades and need a viable disposal solution for outdated equipment.
  • Excess Lab & R&D Equipment Removal: Excess Logic has extensive experience in this market and has accepted, resold, and shared profits on specialized laboratory equipment with its customers. They care for specialized equipment such as, laboratory, fabrication, manufacturing, analytical, and test and measurement equipment, as well as, excess inventory parts, supplies, and finished products. 
  • Computer Disposal: Computer disposal through recycling benefits the environment since unwanted computers frequently find a new life with someone else, or their parts may be used for repairs. At the very least, the plastic and metal components are recycled, so they do not pollute landfills.
  • Returns Management Solution: Most companies have optimized their operational workflow for products leaving the warehouse. That’s why having to handle returned merchandise has a detrimental impact on their workflow because returns have to be processed back into their systems. Excess Logic understands the complexities of reverse logistics management and their returns management solution enables organizations to meet these increasing service demands by minimizing expenses and improving the bottom line, while making a positive environmental, economic, and social impact.

Client Testimonials always tell the story. Here is what Mark F. from a Healthcare company had to say, “We are extremely happy with the level of service Excess Logic provided. Their crew of professionals showed up on time and took a couple of minutes to figure out the best course of action and took charge with ZERO interruption to our business. We have had companies in the past come out and take three times as long to do half the work Excess Logic completed in an hour. We highly recommend Excess Logic and will be using them as our sole service provider moving forward. THANK YOU EXCESS LOGIC!”

Dawn and John, from Genesys, had this to say, “It was so easy to do business with you, all we need to do is to be present, boxes and COD was supplied, the speed with which you scheduled a pickup and provided the certificate of destruction was outstanding.”

For further information, visit:  https://excesslogic.com/

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