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There has never been a better time than now, to get things moving in the right direction again! “5 Minute Life Hacks for Busy Lifestyles” is the perfect book to reinvigorate one’s life and start reaching for one’s goals again. 

New York, New York, October 12, 2022, Fans of Angela Wadley will not be disappointed with her new book and journal that just hit the marketplace. 5 Minute Life Hacks for Busy Lifestyles Book & Journal are unique in that the main book has collateral in the form of a unique journal, to help organize each day in bits of just 5 minutes, so one can actually get things done.

5 Minute Life Hacks for Busy Lifestyles is filled with motivation and Life Hacks guaranteed to take as little as 5 minutes a day, this book will not only leave readers feeling better, but it will also open the paths to accomplishing all they set out to achieve.

Angela included 19 Life Hacks, starting with a Fitness Rut Remover, that will astound readers at how easy it is to simplify one’s life and check items off of the To-Do List. Angela has published books on time management, Reiki and currently has another book in the works. Angela’s writings are soaked in profound wisdom and teachings that she shares in discerning ways to inspire change and ignite action in her readers.

Readers of the Journal will learn how to organize their day in bits of just 5 minutes to actually get things done with this unique journal. Think about the hours one has to spend doing some things, it is easier to procrastinate and say that it will be done when there is “more time”. But everybody knows that with their busy lives, they never really get this “more time,” and they only end up with a bunch of unstarted or incomplete tasks.

The 5 Minute Life Hacks Journal features:

  • Sections for the reader to write down the 5-minute life hacks they plan to use, their gratitudes, and thoughts so that they can go into their day with a clear and positive mindset
  • Conveniently divided into A.M and P.M to enhance organization.
  • Perfectly sized at 6×9 to fit in a purse, backpack or briefcase.
  • 100 writing pages to utilize the journal as much as possible.
  • and much more….

About The Author:

Angela Wadley holds several Life Coach certifications and is both a Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master. Her numerous qualifications and certifications are focused on helping others through various disciplines. She continues learning new skills to provide even more ways to help clients. Knowledge being the bedrock of success, Angela has placed her wealth of experience into her books for all to enjoy.

Angela enjoys wine tasting, reading, traveling and music. She is married and has two fur babies.

For complete information, visit: www.angelawadley.com

Angela Wadley
Attn: Media Relations
New York, NY