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 Members have access to life changing tools, empowering parents by providing parents approved life hacks. Solutions for stressed and overwhelmed parents all around the world.

San Diego, California, October 15, 2022, Parents are unique as a group that experience such a high degree of stress in their lives. There seems to always be added stressors. The Covid-19 Pandemic came along and added an overwhelming amount of stress and is still adding some, of which the aftermath is still very present. Add to that woes of Inflation, Family Finances, Putin’s War against Ukraine, searching for baby formula and other supply chain issues.

One may ask, will it never end? The question should be, how best to handle the stress? There has always been stress on Parents, but it has gotten pretty intense lately. Having been a victim of incredible stressors herself, Janine Zappini launched “Parents Empower Parents” developed and markets helpful Online Courses designed to teach a better way for Parent’s Time Management, Financial Planning and how to Manage Stress.

Parents Empower Parents is an online educational platform, created by parents for parents. They empower parents by providing parent approved life hacks in form of courses, workbooks, worksheets, simple video guides and more. Members receive lifetime access to the courses to work through at their own pace, in their own time, from the comfort of their own home.

Research has shown that parents feel mostly stressed in the areas of time demands, finances, relationship demands, protective instincts, self-doubt, and time alone. The following courses have been specifically designed to empower parents in exactly these areas:

Parent Organizational Planner: The Ultimate Tool To Organize One’s Time With A Simple Step By Step Guide. Includes: Get Organized: Prioritize tasks and manage the daily schedule with simple tools and a step by step guide.

Save Time: You are creating more time through planning, organization, structure, and efficiency.

Relax: With gained structure and efficiency, you are empowered to spend more quality time doing what you love.

BONUS – Affirmation Audio for Parents: Listening to positive affirmations on a daily basis is the start to a new and improved life with boosted self-confidence. 366 Positive Affirmations for Parents, one for each day of the year (includes 1 leap year bonus). 52 minutes of pure positivity. Members create their own reality. It all starts with one’s thoughts.

Finance Planner: The Ultimate Course To Optimize The Management of One’s Finances With Tools And A Simple, Practical Step By Step Guide.

Manage Finances: Learn how to manage your financial cashflow and budget with a step by step guide and simple tools.

Save Money: The course pays for itself. More cash in the pocket through easy to use templates and life hacking tips.

Gain Confidence: Empowers to be the master of one’s finances, gives the confidence to meet the future with your head held high.

Stress Management: Manage Stress Levels With Tools and a Simple, Practical, Step By Step Guide.

Manage Stress: Learn how to manage your stress levels with a step by step guide and simple tools.

Improve Wellbeing: By managing stress. Which can better your sleep, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, boost immune system and much more.

Better Relationships: Enjoy quality time with your loved ones, letting go of the tension you’ve been holding on to. Empowering you to be the master of your life.

All Inclusive: The Ultimate Course Experience. Access To All Courses and Content Available. Past, Present and Future.

Stress Management Course: Full Access To The Ultimate Course To Manage Your Stress Levels.

Parent Organizational Planner Course: The Ultimate Tool For Parents To Optimize The Management of Their Family Life With A Simple, Practical Step By Step Process.

Finance Planner Course: The Ultimate Course To Optimize The Management of Your Finances With Tools and a Simple, Practical Step By Step Guide.

PEP is all about giving back to the community. They chose B1G1 as their vehicle to give back. BIG1 is run by a social enterprise (registered company in Singapore) and non-profit organization (501(c)3 registered in the US) with a mission to create a world that’s full of giving. As a business for good, PEP is supporting parents and children in need to become more empowered and independent.

About The Founder:

Janine is an award winning entrepreneur, business owner and single mum of her boy named Phinny and his four legged furry brother Baloo. Her son was born a few months into the pandemic. A time where her partner left her, she moved continents, lost her business, and started two others.  Moved houses 3 times before settling into her new home and started all over again. That is the reason why and where she also birthed her new business – Parents Empower Parents.

“The number one question I get asked, is how I manage to do it all.” Janine says. “There is no magic to it, all you need are the tools to empower you to become the best version of yourself and learn how to apply them.”

Janine narrowed down the very best of her 20+ years of training, business expertise and experience as a single mum in a global lockdown, into simple step by step life changing guides.

The platform is building a community of parents supporting one another and sharing experiences through connection and virtual live events.

PEP is celebrating the partnership with www.dadsorg.com and www.momsorganization.com. A fellowship of mom’s and dad’s to become even better parents through community, sharing experiences and learning. Enjoy a 40% Promo code on all courses: EMPOWER40

For further information, visit:  https://www.parentsempowerparents.com/

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