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Both locally and nationally, health officials are seeing a rise in respiratory viruses. This is concerning both for the health of the most vulnerable residents, such as young children, older adults, and for people with underlying conditions. 

Holbrook, New York, November 16, 2022, Health experts all around the nation are sounding an alarm about an impending wave of multiple types of viral airborne infections. They are calling it a Tri-Demic. The immune response of the population is not as strong as it was pre-pandemic. Staying out of public spaces and wearing masks for 2 years has negatively impacted the integrity of people’s immune systems.

During a recent interview with Dr. Eric Chow, who leads the Communicable Disease and Epidemiology Section of The Public Health Insider, made these comments, “We have been seeing a rise in respiratory viruses. This is concerning both for the health of our most vulnerable residents, such as young children, older adults, and for people with underlying conditions. It’s also concerning for our healthcare system, which for many months has been experiencing staffing shortages and limited available hospital beds for new patients.”

Dr. Chow went on to say, “We’re seeing more cases of RSV this winter than we have in the last four years, and the numbers are rising sharply. This is resulting in many very young children needing to be hospitalized. Seattle Children’s Hospital Emergency Department is reporting seeing twice as many patients as they typically do during this time of the year, with about half these patients arriving with some type of respiratory concern. They anticipate these volumes will only increase in the coming months.”

To compound the onslaught of other viruses, such as: Omicron subvariants, Seasonal Flu and R.S.V. (respiratory syncytial virus), is the fact that exposure to airborne pollutants, both indoor and outdoor, can weaken one’s immune response.

While outdoor air quality is most difficult to control, indoor air quality can easily be established at an incredibly high standard using top-tier technology within air purification systems. Airgle Corp, a global leader in the medical-grade air purification industry, has been meeting the challenge.

Since 1999, Airgle Corp. has been an industry leader with worldwide distribution of professional-grade air purification systems, both stand alone and HVAC compatible. Airgle’s air purification solutions are engineered to combat airborne pathogens (including CoV-2), ultra-fine particulates and VOCs in all indoor settings.

Airgle air purifiers exceed indoor air quality standards. Many airborne pathogens have very slow precipitation rates, so they remain in the air for many hours. The less time a pathogen remains in the air, the lower the chance of cross-infection. Airgle recommends achieving 5 Air Changes per Hour, which is easily accomplished by their full sized systems.

Airgle air purification systems have earned many certifications and have been ranked with the highest, CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) by AHAM. Airgle’s performance and specifications have been validated by a number of independent testing agencies and laboratories. Airgle sets a new standard for professional-grade air purification.

FDA-Listed (Registered)
CARB (California Air Resources Board) Certified
AHAM Certified (CADR ranked)
Energy Star Certified
Intertek (ETL listed mark)

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