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Music Traveler is proud to announce their collaboration with LA-based music learning platform tonebase, which pairs their well-known ambassadors with a worldwide audience of professional performers, music students, and hobby musicians through premium tutorials and live workshops.

Vienna, Austria – November 28, 2022, Music Traveler has sent shockwaves throughout the music learning industry with the announcement of their teaming-up with tonebase. With over 210,000+ guitarists, pianists, and violinists currently subscribed to their service and an expanding number of instruments being offered, tonebase is highly sought after by anyone serious about advancing their skill level. Music Traveler’s ambassadors will join tonebase’s existing community of seasoned music teachers and outstanding musicians through this collaboration. tonebase is also in the process of building its fourth platform – Cello – which Music Traveler has collaborated to recruit some of the first world-class artists who will be teaching on tonebase’s platform soon.

Meanwhile, Music Traveler will aim to connect tonebase users to spaces well-equipped with instruments and ideal learning environments for individuals and groups. During a recent interview, Music Traveler co-founder and CEO, Julia Rhee sees important parallels between Music Traveler and Tonbase’s ambitions. “Our affiliation with tonebase will help people build a routine and invest their time in creating music. Music Traveler spaces will connect people to rehearsal rooms equipped with the instruments they’d like to like to access and the necessary environments to optimize learning.”

tonebase co-founders Chris Garwood and Igor Lichtmann are enthusiastic to join forces with Music Traveler, given the great potential for people to build music communities between the two platforms. Lichtmann explains that using technology to connect people has always been the driving motivation behind the platform. “We’re very pleased to announce this collaboration that will introduce enhanced flexibility and focus into musicians’ learning routines. I’m happy musicians face fewer logistical barriers today than ever before.”

Music Traveler

Music Traveler was founded by Julia Rhee and Aleksey Igudesman, as a marketplace that centralizes spaces and venues with musical instruments and equipment for the creative industry. Its primary vision was to ease access to resources on music-making and its activities as easily as possible for everyone. The platform enables users to search, book creative spaces and venues including but not exclusive to recording studios, concert halls, rehearsal spaces, lesson facilities, arenas, theatres, band-rooms, and more, with or without instruments or equipment for a transactional fee.

World renown recording artist, and Music Traveler’s ambassador, Billy Joel was quotes, “What Music Traveler is doing a very important because it enables musicians to settle into a place to work on their craft. Having access to instruments is extremely important, you never know when inspiration is going to strike.”


Since its beginnings in a Yale practice room in 2017, tonebase’s mission has always been to democratize access to the highest-quality music education, allowing passionate players around the world to learn from and be inspired by the best. As classically-trained conservatory musicians themselves, the founders of tonebase, Chris Garwood and Igor Lichtmann felt that something needed to be done about the lack of access to classical music education, previously only available for the select few.

“We ourselves were very fortunate to attend prestigious music schools and learn from the world’s top instructors. However, we noticed that our teachers could only accept a handful of students into their studio each year which meant very few people actually got to learn directly from these incredible musical minds. By utilizing technology and building a platform to share the ideas of these great instructors, we seek to provide a way that everyone can learn from world-class instructors regardless of whether they were accepted to Juilliard or Yale.”

At the core of tonebase’s current Classical Guitar, Piano, and Violin platforms, with 1,000+ lessons, courses, and interviews taught by dozens of world-class instructors including pianists Emanuel Ax, Garrick Ohlsson, and the late Leon Fleisher, guitarists Pepe Romero, Ana Vidovic, and David Russell, and violinists Glenn Dicterow, Augustin Hadelich.

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