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“Delegate Your Book” is a quick read for busy professionals who know they need a book of their own to reach their professional and personal goals.

Chandler, Arizona, November 28, 2022 – Every year, there is a staggering number of books that were started but never finished. Professionals know that having their own book would propel their career, but they seldom have the time to finish their book project. They should finish writing the book their industry needs to scale their ideas and their business.

They are the only person in the world who can teach their audience about what makes their process work. The lessons they have learned and the hard-won successes they achieved are theirs and theirs alone. A ghostwriter is a trusted advisor and confidant who will honor the ideas they bring and add some structure and verve to their book.

In Delegate Your Book readers will learn the different types of experts they can rely on to help them get their book done. If they find themselves at a loss for words, a ghostwriter can step in and help them communicate their ideas into the best words that will resonate with the intended audience. Need some motivation to do it on one’s own? A book coach is a great resource to bring the right blend of structure and creativity to one’s writing process.

Readers can read Delegate Your Book cover-to-cover and glean important points along the way, or they can jump to the section where they are having the most trouble in their writing journey. After they read this book, they will have the tools and knowledge they need to make the decision on how they want to finish their book.

About The Author:

Chrissy Das is the ghostwriter and book coach for thriving business leaders who want to share their processes and ideas with a larger audience than they can reach on their own. She leverages her professional background in publishing and her high standards as an editor to help her authors finish their next business book. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and their dog, Neil.

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