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VOG is created when volcanic gases (primarily oxides of sulfur) react with sunlight, oxygen, and moisture. The result includes sulfuric acid and other sulfates. VOG is made up of a mixture of gases and aerosols which makes it difficult to study and incredibly dangerous. 

Holbrook, New York, November 29, 2022, The recent eruption at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Volcano has created a health emergency for quite a large adjacent area. Authorities are warning people to stay indoors with air conditioners and/or air purification equipment running full time.

Volcanoes emit what is called “VOG” and contains chemicals that can damage the environment and the health of humans, animals and plant life. Most of the aerosols are very acidic. In addition, their size is so small that those particles can remain deep in bronchial tissues and damage lungs and impair function. Headaches, watery eyes, sore throat, breathing difficulties (including inducing asthma attacks), flu-like symptoms and general lethargy are commonly reported. These effects are especially pronounced in children, the elderly and in people with respiratory conditions.

Fortunately, for more than two decades, Airgle has helped combat air quality concerns as it relates to volcanic eruptions. Airgle systems possess an extremely high-grade of organic, coconut-shell based activated carbon. Airgle’s activated carbon is a granulated charcoal, which “adsorbs” chemicals and gases from the air. With each pass of air drawn through one of Airgle’s air purifiers, gaseous chemical contaminants are effectively removed from the air.

Additionally, Airgle purifiers also utilize a cleanroom-grade cHEPA filter. This stage is critical for the removal of the fine “ash” particulates from the air, which also arise during volcanic activity. Lastly, Airgle’s patented Titanium Pro UV Module also works to neutralize chemicals and gases from the air.

Authorities have cautioned residents to be aware of:

  • eye, nose, throat, and/or skin irritation
  • coughing and/or phlegm
  • chest tightness and/or shortness of breath
  • increased susceptibility to respiratory ailments
  • some people also report fatigue and/or dizziness

While outdoor air quality is most difficult to control, indoor air quality can easily be established at an incredibly high standard, using top-tier technology within air purification systems. Airgle Corp, a global leader in the medical-grade air purification industry, has been meeting the challenge.

Since 1999, Airgle Corp. has been an industry leader with worldwide distribution of professional-grade air purification systems, both stand alone and HVAC compatible. Airgle’s air purification solutions are engineered to combat airborne pathogens (including CoV-2), ultra-fine particulates and VOCs in all indoor settings.

Airgle air purifiers exceed indoor air quality standards. Many airborne pathogens have very slow precipitation rates, so they remain in the air for many hours. The less time a pathogen remains in the air, the lower the chance of cross-infection. Airgle recommends achieving 5 Air Changes per Hour, which is easily accomplished by their full sized systems.

Airgle air purification systems have earned many certifications and have been ranked with the highest, CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) by AHAM. Airgle’s performance and specifications have been validated by a number of independent testing agencies and laboratories. Airgle sets a new standard for professional-grade air purification.

FDA-Listed (Registered)
CARB (California Air Resources Board) Certified
AHAM Certified (CADR ranked)
Energy Star Certified
Intertek (ETL listed mark)

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