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Kliks is the only Mileage Reimbursement platform that was built to help customers leverage their team’s trip and visit data to provide strategic insight into their sales and services efforts. Users can integrate any CRM system with this platform or use their public API’s for data interchange. With Kliks, Mileage Reimbursement can be a strategic differentiator. 

Boston, Massachusetts, December 1, 2022, Kliks is pleased to announce the launch of their unique Mileage Reimbursement platform. In the enterprise Mileage Reimbursement space, there are only a few solutions providers whose platforms support highly sophisticated IRS-regulated mileage programs like FAVR (Fixed and Variable Reimbursement), complex Commute policies, and dynamic CPM (Cent per Mile) programs. These providers are traditional, legacy-based solutions whose systems, services, and billing are slow and opaque causing significant pain points for their customers.

Seeing the need for a better solution, a group of ex-Amazon & Salesforce engineers with many years of mileage reimbursement experience, launched Kliks, with the goal to create a modern mobile-first, SaaS solution that focuses on user experience, product innovation, and competitive, transparent pricing (with no annual contracts) as one would expect from a leading SaaS technology company.

Now, with hundreds of customers and thousands of users, Kliks.io is the first and only platform that solves both the mileage reimbursement needs of customers and also targets the needs of Sales and Service stakeholders who are looking at business growth and operational efficiencies, with features ranging from CRM integration to route efficiency and management.

The kliks.io platform leverages newer technologies like AI, big data, and cloud mapping services to bring more innovative and cost-effective implementations of FAVR/other Mileage Reimbursement with a multitude of integration capabilities (CRM, Expense Management, public APIs) that allow customers to control their data and workflows better.

The team has also focused heavily on security and data privacy (GDPR, CCPA) from the ground up given the prevailing issues with systems penetration and security vulnerabilities present in many of these legacy platforms.

Kliks is beyond just Mileage Reimbursement:

  • Cent Per Mile
  • FAVR
  • Tiered Rates
  • FAVR for EV’s
  • Insurance and Compliance
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • CRM Integration
  • Vehicle Operating Cost
  • Fuel / Card Allowance Verification

The Kliks team is US based, with a presence on the East and West Coast, and a platform that serves global needs.

For complete information, visit:  https://www.kliks.io/

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