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Bran Reluao is a 25-year-old digital who has found his niche in the social media sector and was able to take advantage of it and form several successful startups. Bran went  from Twitter algorithm expert to becoming a prime digital political strategist. 

Makati City, Philippines, December 5, 2022, Bran Reluao found his calling at an early age while still in college. He was able to master the world of Social Media Algorithms and Digital Communications. These skills enabled him to venture into several startups which would give him the opportunity to improve the lives of Filipino youth. Bran has emerged as the leading Digital Political Strategist in the Philippines.

Bran Reluao has started his entrepreneurial journey with:

  • BranReluao & Associates: A Communication Consulting Agency promotes Digital Reputation and Crisis Management of Politicians, Personalities and Brands. In the recent 2022 National Election in the Philippines, he handled more than 18 candidates. From Mayor, Governor, Congressmen, Partylists, Senator, Vice Presidential and Presidential candidate. I advise them on how to utilize the social media in terms of Strategy and Tactical, Content Management, Social Media Intelligence, Influencer and Community Marketing.
  • AuthorityAsia Communications Inc.: The Authority Asia is focused as Digital Political Experts and a Government Advisory Council for Digital Platforms and New Media. They help the likes of Government Officials, Political Leaders, and Personalities to understand more and harness the power of Digital Platforms so they can utilize it and use for the common good or for their respective constituents. Their services become broader and they offer Analytics and Insights, Social Media Intelligence, Content Management, Digital Political Operation, and Branding and Imaging. 
  • Republic Asia Media Inc.: The focus of Republic Asia is as a News Platform in the Philippines for the young generation. This company is a result of surveys and realizations that young Filipinos don’t read any News in legitimate news media and thus become victims of fake news and disinformation. Bran’s vision is to make sure that they present the news as palatable, relatable, and connected to the Gen Zs and millennials. Bran recruited veteran journalist Gerry Lirio as the Editor-In-Chief, an award winning newsman for 40 years and Millennial Multimedia Reporters and GenZ’s Content Creators.

During a recent interview, Bran made these comments, “We are revolutionary in that we integrate technologically advanced systems and communication principles, to understand the client’s target audience. We use these to leverage the right technology to deliver service excellence and consumer recall. We specialize in data driven execution to grow our client’s online presence and deliver top tier campaigns and solutions through our vast network of influence and partnerships with various brands.”

He goes on to say, “Authority Asia aims to be the communications agency in Digital & Crisis Management in the Asia-Pacific that is passionate in implementing digital communication strategies and campaigns to transform, popularize and protect brands and reputations. We develop effective and striking ideas to fire up movements, create an immediate impact, and transform cultures.”

For complete information, visit: https://republicasiamedia.com/

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