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Recharge Active Wear aka RAW is all about the way of the workout warrior. Any warrior knows there’s power in numbers. That’s why every woman needs to band together and create community. It’s time to show the world that convictions can be reached through unity, that fitness is more than a chore, rather a mission to help every woman persevere, feel strong and reach her goals. 

Atlanta, Georgia, December 7, 2022, Clothing is part of a person’s persona. What they wear affects how they carry themselves all day long, at work or at the gym. A quick glance in the mirror can either make or break one’s feelings for the day. Recharge Active Wear is more than just fierce workout wear. Each fit, style and item has been chosen with the intention of making warriors radiate influence. That’s why the RAW Team urges everybody to join the movement, help create the culture and call oneself a RAW Ambassador.

Recharge Active Wear R.A.W. is a brand for women. Women that have to balance all of life’s responsibilities. Family, friends, school, work etc. It’s a brand that serves as a subtle reminder that “WE” can do it all. “We can juggle multiple responsibilities and still put our health and wellness first.”

Life is a transformation and each day people take on a multitude of roles, reinventing themselves to mesh with the moment. Sometimes it’s fluid and sometimes it’s forced. That’s why Recharge Active Wear otherwise known as RAW was created. To take one out of life’s fewer inspiring moments and transform them into the workout warrior that resides inside.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments, “Recharge Active Wear (RAW) is an experience; an attitude; a movement to move. Our mission is to take every woman’s comfort, curve, and confidence into consideration. Mold your body even before it’s sculpted, hold your curves without a touch, support a healthy body when it’s hard to muster up the strength, and stamina you need to get the workout done. It’s more than just active wear, it’s a philosophy. It’s the way of the workout warrior, a superpower that turns the everyday woman into a  vixen, a siren, a heroine, a crusader.”

She goes on to say, “The best way to tell you About Us is to take you on a journey About Her…the RAW, Recharge woman. She’s a mother, she’s single, she’s married, career driven, she plays hard, carries the world on her shoulders while keeping posture perfect. She’s a woman like you and like me. She’s everyone and everything we all want to be. She’s inspired yet tired, fit yet for real, she has passion and motion, she’s shy and outgoing. She’s invigorated and strong, she needs purpose, she wears RAW.”

New Year’s Resolutions time is coming closer and closer. Time to be resolute about looking good and being active.

For complete information, visit:  https://itsrawactive.com/

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