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Blowze is on a mission to get shoppers actually wanting to buy tissues, through its fun take on an otherwise boring household object.

Los Angeles, California, December 7, 2022. Buying tissues should be fun. After all, why not? That’s a takeaway from the Blowze product expansion that has been generating nothing but positive feedback through the boring tissue industry. With the relaunch of their creative and actually fun tissue boxes, gone are the days where shoppers are forced to choose between boring….and boring. Blowze’s unique box shapes, and fun, eye catching designs are veritable works of art, unlike anything in the market, and their tissue quality is second to none.

Fun tissues? The idea for Blowze started from the simple concept. According to Blowze co-founder Gabe, “We noticed that tissue boxes are universally dull, and we wanted to change that.  Blowze takes the blank canvas of an ordinary tissue box and turns it into a fun conversation piece!”

Tissues are not high up on anyone’s list of favorite things to buy. Blowze aims to change that by incorporating a steady drip of humor, creativity, and fun into an otherwise boring and mundane object. Of course, a major driver for buying tissues is being sick with a cold, where any little burst of unexpected, good cheer is appreciated.

Everything about the brand- its eye-catching designs, quirky logo, strangely hilarious website- seems designed to upend expectations in an otherwise bland industry.  Gabe continued, “Most of our designs are humor based. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and really just try to put the “fun” in “functional”. (Not sure if that’s already trademarked, but it should be). And bringing a little bit of sunshine to someone who’s probably not having their best day really is really a plus!

Not that Blowze doesn’t take their products seriously! Blowze is made right here in the US. The actual tissue paper, historically the only part of the box anyone cared about, is soft, strong, and absorbent, making the product truly the best of both worlds. This is all about creating premium tissues with a big personality, and maybe even make nose-blowing fun.

There hasn’t been a major change in the way noses are blown since humanity collectively moved away from the washable handkerchief.

For complete information, or to carry Blowze online or at a retail location, visit:  https://www.blowze.com/

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Here are some initial designs, with many more on the way: